World Defying Dan God Chapter 476

Chapter 476 An Arrogant Provocation
Chapter 476 An Arrogant Provocation

The burning fury of Chen Xiang turned into a tyrannical force that activated all the strength in his body due to the rage. The old man could not allow Chen Xiangs strength to continue growing. As he shook his longsword, a wave of True Qi leapt up from the sword. Then the old man made a step forward, just like a ray of light flashing through the sky. His speed was extremely fast, and his sword was aimed at Chen Xiang, causing sonic booms to ring out in the air.

This strike was extremely fast. Even though Chen Xiang had seen it, he did not conduct any movement. Instead, he stuck out his chest and quickly circulated the thick True Qi within his body, forming a powerful Black Tortoise Luotian Cover.

At this time, the old man remembered that the last time the three of them stabbed at Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang had a very powerful set of armor on him. He was deeply regretting when he thought of that. However, he was stabbing toward Chen Xiangs chest in a very fast speed, and it was impossible for him to change location.

The old mans attack was not only fast, but fierce as well. It penetrated through Chen Xiangs Black Tortoise Luotian Cover and pierced right into his heart. However, when the tip of the sword touched Chen Xiangs clothes, it was difficult to enter even half of inch, and the tyrannical True Qi dispersing from the tip of sword was annihilated as it entered Chen Xiangs body by his Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Subduing Technique.

Hmph! Chen Xiang let out an angry snort. The fast blade in his hand flew out, dragging a long shadow of the blade as it explosively flashed with lightning fury. The blade was infused with the Heaven-Earth Fire.

At this moment, the old man was so close to Chen Xiang and he just conducted a fierce slash. Before he could even react, Chen Xiangs violent blade was already chopping down. He clenched his teeth and punched out with True Qi in order to block Chen Xiangs blade.

However, Chen Xiangs blade technique was extremely nimble. With a slight turn of the blade, he changed his direction promptly and escaped the incoming fist, while his blade cut down on the old mans shoulder and chopped off one of his arms.

The Furious Dragon Strike that Chen Xiang executed was extremely formidable. Moreover, it was a slash that gathered all of his rage power on the blade without leaving the enemy with chance of survival.

He chopped down the old mans arm, after which blood on the severed arm bursted out like a fountain, causing the True Qi flashed out of the old mans, which hunted a lot. Chen Xiang took advantage of the opportunity to jump up and kick at the old mans Dantian, with all the flame of fury.

As Chen Xiang kicked at the old mans abdomen, the thick True Qi gathered under Chen Xiangs feet immediately exploded with a loud explosion, causing the old man bursting out as he vomited blood.

Chen Xiang took back the Azure Dragon Subduing Saber and rushed to the old man who was flying backward. He grabbed the old mans wrist with one hand and pulled him back, then knocked away his longsword and quickly changed his palm to strike the old man. However, he could not let the old man die so fast. He wanted to leave the old mans body and let the Holy Light Sect see the consequences of going against him.

Chen Xiangs fist was covered by the Heaven-Earth Fire, which became even more berserk with the support of the vast True Qi. Every time a fist landed on the old mans body, it would explode with a dazzling firelight and a violent lightning strike. As the fist and palm stroke down one by one, waves of terrifying sound were generated and almost made one deaf.

The Holy Light Sect? I am going to annihilate your cult sooner or later!

The old man did not die, but his Dantian was already shattered. He was still conscious, but he continued to withstand Chen Xiangs berserk attacks. Waves of pain spread throughout his body, wave after wave, causing him painful that made him wish he were dead, while his heart was filled with fear and despair.

Suddenly, many huge auras came, some of them were very unfamiliar to Chen Xiang and were very strong as well. The strong martial artists who had been waiting there for many days finally came down.

A group of people quickly rushed down from the gap. They were all headmasters of the various big sects and numbered over a hundred. The moment they arrived, it could be felt a scorching force filled with annihilation and anger rushing, and they quickly caught a sight of Chen Xiangs figure!

A terrifying flame was burning on the right side of Chen Xiangs body. He was using an extremely violent fist and palm to beat up an old man with a broken arm who was covered in blood.

This is the price for trying to kill me. When Chen Xiang felt that group of experts descending, he let out an explosive roar, while a flickering white light suddenly appeared within the flames on his fist, and the land trembled violently. This was the sign of him using the dragon force!

Chen Xiang no longer held back. Using all his strength, he filled his fist with dragon force and punched towards the old mans head! After that, a bloody scene appeared in everyones eyes. The old mans head exploded like a watermelon after being hit by Chen Xiangs berserk punch.

Chen Xiangs entire body was filled with killing intent. Flames were blazing, while and his methods were brutal. His berserk side caused the Nirvana Realm martial artists to feel a slight of fear, because such a man would be extremely terrifying once he became strong!

The headmaster of the Holy Light Sect, Qin Zejun, had also come over, while Gu Dongchen was ahead of him and block him to protect Chen Xiang!

Gu Dongchen Get out of me, I must kill Chen Xiang today! Qin Zejuns face warped. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he glared at Chen Xiang.

Other powerful headmasters like Wang Quan and Xiao Ziliang were all watching with interest. They were enraged by Chen Xiang before but were unable to make a move. Most of Nirvana Realm martial artists were all astonished since it was Chen Xiang who made all of those matters and even came ahead of them.

As Chen Xiang saw Gu Dongchen arriving, the flames of anger on his body were still burning. He kicked the old mans body under his feet up and kicked the mud-like old body towards Qin Zejun, so that the bloody corpse could dirty Qin Zejuns golden robe!

Everyone could not help but frown and exclaim in their minds as they saw such a scene.

Arrogant! Chen Xiang was just a young man, and his strength was merely as the Extreme Realm, but he was so arrogant to provoke the domineering Qin Zejun of the East Sea. This was simply a suicidal action.

Chen Xiangs body trembled slightly. The intense killing intent dispersed from his body immediately rushed to the bottom of the seabed island, which made Liu Menger to tighten her frown. Chen Xiang was blatantly provoking Qin Zejun and did not consider him significantly at all.

Qin Zejuns entire body was trembling. The veins on his fists and face were incomparably ferocious. The muscles on his face twitched crazily as he looked at Chen Xiang with incomparable rage.

Gu Dongchen cursed Chen Xiang in his heart. Chen Xiang continued to provoke Qin Zejun, and everyone would know clearly that Chen Xiang was not afraid because of his presence!

I came here two months ago. However, I was severely injured by the three guys lying in ambush and was almost killed by them! After I escaped, I spread the news of this Profound Realm out and waiting for taking the revenge after I recovered from my injuries. Chen Xiang coldly said.

This message was spread out by Chen Xiang, which triggered the rage of Xiang Ziliang. He had already thought of this long ago, but the other headmasters all thanked Chen Xiang one after another. The news of them rising prosperously from the Carefree Immortal Sea in such a short period of time indicated that there must be plenty of resources in the Profound Realm, while this Profound Realm was not completely under the control of the Carefree Immortal Sea, so it could not take possession of it entirely, and everyone had the right to enter the realm.

As Xiao Ziliang and Qin Zejun thought that the Profound Realm was going to be divided among more than a hundred forces, they were furious. As the angry Xiao Ziliang walked behind Qin Zejun, everyone knew that he had already teamed up with the Holy Light Sect.