World Defying Dan God Chapter 478

Chapter 478 The Rival Of Flame
Chapter 478 The Rival of Flame

Chen Xiangs sudden punch stunned everyone. The several middles aged men from Fire God Shrine frowned and shew a slightly angry expression. The youth that was sent flying by Chen Xiang was even more furious.

Now do you see, I am indeed a despicable and shameless person! Chen Xiang took out a piece of cloth and wiped his fist. He then threw the cloth on the ground and spat, Right now, we two have a deep grudge. If you challenge me, I will accept it.

The middle-aged men of Fire God Shrine were all furious. They wanted to slap Chen Xiang to death, but they had said earlier that this was a matter for the younger generation and they elders should not take any action. If they did, then they would have to eat their words.

This scene made Gu Dongchen and the others secretly laugh. The people of the Fire God Shrine could be said to be throwing stones at their feet, while Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang both hoped that Chen Xiang would beat up the youth from the Fire God Shrine. This way, the Fire God Shrine would hate Chen Xiang, and they could attract Chen Xiang to their side as they had the same enemy.

Chen Xiangs punch was really heavy. He condensed the dragon force onto his fist and gave a violent punch with extremely fast speed!

The young mans fair face swelled up from Chen Xiangs blows. After he fell on the ground, he jumped up and roared at Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang, I want to fight you to the death!

Isnt it merely a life and death battle? Come on! Chen Xiang said with indifference. He has seen too many young and arrogant men like the young man. Moreover, he always made such individuals to suffer before, and some of them were even been killed by him.

My name is Tie Langhao, you better remember this, in case when you meet the King of Hell

Isnt it just a battle of life and death? Why are you talking so much? Chen Xiang impatiently interrupted him and said Its useless even if you tell me your name. The person I killed will soon be forgotten by me. Those who died in my hands do not deserve me to remember their names!

Tie Langhao originally thought he was arrogant enough, but Chen Xiang was even more arrogant than he was. This made him even more furious. He clenched his fists tightly as he saw the few white teeth in the pool of blood on the ground, and hatred were filled in his mind.

This was the first time someone that his teeth got knocked out. Although he hadnt gotten any serious injuries, his image as a beautiful man was completely destroyed, that was something that Tie Langhao could not bear!

Chen Xiang! I will always remember you! Tie Langhao roared and slowly walked towards Chen Xiang. With every step he took, a wave of scorching True Qi condensed under his feet, leaving numerous footprints dispersing hot gas on the ground.

Of course, men of Fire God Shrine used fire. At present, however, Chen Xiang had a Heaven-Earth Fire Soul that was even more powerful than the Heavenly Fire Soul, while martial artists who cultivated fire were no match for him!

Chen Xiang laughed, You dont need to be polite. Actually, you should thank me for not knocking out your front teeth. Otherwise, you would have died in an even uglier manner!

Such kind of rampant provocation made even Liu Menger slightly frown. Of course, she knew that Chen Xiang was purposely provoking Tie Langhao. However, this would arouse the hatred within Fire God Shrine. She absolutely knew how powerful the Fire God Shrine was!

Go death! Tie Langhao was truly enraged. His eyes were blazing with flame and blue veins extended on his forehead. He really wanted to skin Chen Xiang alive.

Along with explosive roar, Tie Langhao suddenly disappeared in front of Chen Xiang, then a crackling explosion promptly rang out. Chen Xiang only felt an extremely scorching wave of air behind him. With an extremely high speed, Tie Langhao quickly moved behind Chen Xiang and launched a fierce fist of fire.

Chen Xiang condensed his True Qi into his legs and surged it to the bottom of his feet. As the ground trembled, his feet sink into the ground and he stood firmly on the spot. In the meanwhiles, a huge flaming fist suddenly appeared and struck towards Chen Xiangs back!

Hmph! Chen Xiang did not dodge but only grunted. He did not do anything to block the attack. Actually, he used his body to take the fierce fist of fire.

The fist of fire berserkly hit Chen Xiangs back, causing a violent explosion. The flame bursted out and generated a huge mushroom-shaped flame that enveloped Chen Xiang inside. Just as Tie Langhao successfully punched Chen Xiang, he hurriedly leaped into the distance and looked at Chen Xiang with a sneer on his face.

The flames burned crazily, while the scorching heat enveloped the entire seabed island. Still, Chen Xiangs aura completely disappeared. Those middle-aged men from Fire God Shrine were very satisfied with Tie Langhaos attack when they saw the astonished expressions on those practitioners faces.

What a strong flame, just how many fire divine veins are required to do it? An old man exclaimed.

Dont tell me there are two divine veins? Another middle-aged man said.

The speed and flame performed by Tie Langhao appealed to waves of praise from those strong practitioners, because Tie Langhao was also a young martial artist who had just entered the Spiritual Martial Realm, and he was indeed very powerful as he could make such action.

Liu Menger said in a low voice, he must have a Fire Soul to generate such kind of flame!

She was the only female here, and her beautiful voice was also extremely pleasing to the ears. Very quickly, it reached the ears of many people, and when they heard that it was the legendary flames, the crowd was even more astonished.

"No wondering that you are an expert of fire usage. Good insight! A middle-aged man from the Fire Temple Shrine praised. He was looking at Liu Menger with fiery lights. A woman like Liu Menger was the target of many strong practitioners to pursue. However, everyone knew it clearly that Liu Mengers strength was unfathomable!

Dont celebrate too early! Liu Menger coldly said.

After the flames that enveloped space dispersed, everyone saw the disheveled Chen Xiang standing there. Chen Xiangs upper body was somewhat charred, but he looked more charming with his strong and perfect muscles.

Chen Xiang lightly sighed, Its nothing much!

With his eighteenth stage Immortal Demon Body and the Heaven-Earth Fire Soul in it, he would be unobstructed even in the Earths Core, let alone the flames released by a mere human. It was only tickling him!

Now, everyone understood why they couldnt sense Chen Xiangs aura. It was because Chen Xiang didnt use his True Qi to block the flame. What did this mean? This meant that Chen Xiang could withstand the flames that Tie Langhao was proud of just with his flesh body!

Liu Menger and Gu Dongchen, who were very familiar with Chen Xiang, were also extremely surprised. They knew that Chen Xiangs flesh body had reached another level. They were only curious as to how Chen Xiang cultivated his physical body.

Liu Menger immediately thought of the Black Turtle Body Strengthening Technique. She had seen the divine practice before and knew that it could strengthen a persons body in a short period of time. However, the process was very painful that an ordinary person could not endure!

Liu Menger had once used molten iron to refine Chen Xiangs body. When she thought of this, her heart throbbed with pain, because she knew that Chen Xiang must have gone through an inhumane torture to possess such a powerful body!

Those middle-aged men of Fire God Shrine all had stern expressions. Now they knew that Chen Xiang was not such arrogant for nothing. They had been to many worlds, but this was the first time they met a prodigy like Chen Xiang.

Tie Langhaos brows were tightly knitted together as he clenched his fists closely. Chen Xiang had only used his flesh body to withstand his strong punch, which suggested that his attack didnt have any effect on Chen Xiang at all!

However, Chen Xiangs attack was able to knock out his teeth.