World Defying Dan God Chapter 479

Chapter 479 Falling Out
Chapter 479 Falling Out

Tie Langhao did not give in. He quickly moved and arrived in front of Chen Xiang, then threw another punch at him. An extremely huge fire fist, just like volcano eruption, suddenly exploded out and landed on Chen Xiangs body.

With a rumbling sound, Chen Xiang was once again enveloped by a huge ball of intense flames.

Tie Langhao had used more than half of his True Qi to make that punch. He was very satisfied with his punch, especially when he felt the hot True Qi that made him feel proud, which made he knowing how powerful his punch was!

If Tie Langhao had used True Qi with thunder or other types of attributes to attack Chen Xiang, Chen Xiang would not have been able to withstand it so easily. However, flames were the least feared by Chen Xiang. Since he had the formidable Heaven-Earth Fire Soul, any flame could not hurt him no matter how powerful the flame was. The most powerful flames in all the worlds was at the Earths Core.

Chen Xiang could move around in the Earths Core without the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, not to mention the flame in front of him.

Even the flames released by a Nirvana Realm martial practitioner couldnt hurt him. Of course, if someones skill was powerful enough to for him or her to turn fire attribute True Qi into another kind of powerful force, it would still be a threat to him.

Chen Xiang walked out of the blazing fire with a cool sneer on his face and his fists clenched.

Tie Langhao instantly felt a new fear as he saw Chen Xiang walking out unscathed. His such a powerful attack was unable to hurt him. He suspected that Chen Xiang might have entered the second stage of the Extreme Realm, the Soul Martial Realm!

Its my turn! Chen Xiang laughed loudly. His figure was like the wind as he flew over. His fist that was filled with dragon force turned into a huge white tiger head, emitting a fierce killing intent.

As Chen Xiang flew over, he ferociously smashed his fists like a light dancing in the air. An overwhelming killing intent enveloped Tie Langhao.

Tie Langhaos speed and reaction were both very fast. However, the moment he jumped up, he was dragged down by the water vines that Chen Xiang released. After he landed on the ground, Chen Xiangs violent fist punched on his body like countless raindrops that eroded his flesh and took out his vitality.

In Just a few breaths of time, Tie Langhaos face turned into deathly pale. As he let out mournful howls, his bones exploded inch by inch. His Dantian had been destroyed by the violent dragon force. Right now, Chen Xiang was using his dragon force to punch Tie Langhao on his head, abdomen, and chest, and all his internal organs had been shattered, while his tissues and muscles were serenely injured and his vitality was corroded by the rich killing intent.

Stop! The Hall Master of the Fire God Shrine could no longer bear watching any longer. With a loud roar, he waved his sleeves and released a violent force that flew towards Chen Xiang! His sudden attack was unexpected, while Gu Dongchen had already flew over to block it, but the Hall Master moved too quickly. The invisible energy that he released was like a blade that spiraled and slashed towards Chen Xiangs neck.

Seeing the Hall Masters tactics was so viciously, Chen Xiang was infuriated. With a tyrannical roar, the white dragon on his left arm exploded with white light. He threw a punch towards the incoming powerful force. The fist howled like a dragon as it smashed towards the incoming force.

A loud explosion rang out as blood shot out from Chen Xiangs mouth. The ground cracked and a formless energy swept in all directions. The surrounding rocks were all crushed into dust by the powerful energy.

Chen Xiang was actually able to block the Hall Masters attack. The Hall Master was slightly startled as he leaped up and flew over. However, Gu Dongchen suddenly appeared in front of the his way.

This time, Chen Xiangs arm that was covered in white dragon tattoo exploded again. Long Xueyi converted her strength into dragon force and continuously infused it into Chen Xiangs arm. She was lending her power to Chen Xiang!

Right now, Long Xueyi was using an extremely pure dragon force, while she was attaching to Chen Xiangs body. This power made Chen Xiang feel as if it was his, and when he felt the dragon force that Long Xueyi had lent him, the blood in his body started to boil. He stamped on his feet and jumped to Tie Langhao who had fell on the ground like mud.

Go death! Chen Xiang let out a furious roar like an angry dragon. His left arm was more like being possessed by a white dragon, and on the top of his fist was a stern and angry dragon head.

Stop! The men from Fire God Shrine shouted out loud simultaneously, but no matter how fast they were, they couldnt stop him. Chen Xiangs fist had already punched on Tie Langhaos head, smashing it into pieces. While the furious wind of fist squeezed Tie Langhaos body into jam.


Tie Langhao was dead! The young man who was brought along by the Fire God Shrine and had a Fire Soul in his body must be nurtured by the Fire God Shrine with priority, but he was now being beaten into a meat patty by Chen Xiang!

The surrounding experts couldnt help but shiver. They felt that Chen Xiang was even crazier than Huang Jintian. He was actually so reckless.

As matters stood, Gu Dongchen could only help Chen Xiang to clean up the mess. Although the Fire God Shrine was very strong, he was only cautious and never afraid of them.

Liu Menger had been ready. She never anticipated that Chen Xiang would conduct such fierce actions as he knew that the opponent was the Fire God Shrine. Although she blamed Chen Xiang in her mind, she was secretly happy. Even though Chen Xiangs performance was insane, she admired him very much. Moreover, the Hall Master of Fire God Shrine also took a heavy attack against Chen Xiang earlier. If he was unable to block that Hall Masters attack, he might have been seriously injured by now!

All of the strong practitioners were stunned by Chen Xiangs strength once again!

What the hell is this Fire God Shrine? Just a moment ago, you said that you dont want to interfere in the matters of the younger generation, but why did you attack me? You are a prestigious Nirvana Realm martial artist, but you took such a heavy hand on me, who is merely at the Spiritual Martial Realm. You guys will only be a laughingstock for people all around the world!" Chen Xiang coldly said. Nevertheless, he wouldnt have been able to block that attack if Long Xueyi did not lend him the dragon force.

Gu Dongchens face fell down, Hall Master of the Fire God Shrine, dont go too far! All of you just heard that it was a life and death battle and they both volunteered for it. You were so harsh on my junior master. You simply didnt put our Extreme Martial Sect in your eyes! As for the alliance that you mentioned earlier, we, the Extreme Martial Sect, will not participate! We will never ally with guys like you!

Only the Extreme Martial Sect would dare to say such words to the Fire God Shrine! Judging from Gu Dongchens posture, he was prepared to go all out with the Fire God Shrine!

Many of the heavyweights knew that if they were to ally with the Fire God Shrine, they would be bound by the Fire God Shrine, which would make them feel very sullen. Right now, they got the lead of the Extreme Martial Sect to resist it, while Liu Menger from the Divine Martial Palace also immediately said, Thats right, we Divine Martial Palace will also not ally with a sect that eat its words.

The Hall Master of the Fire God Shrine was furious. Now, he finally felt Qin Zejuns anger. He said sinisterly, Arent you afraid of the Fire God Shrine?

Lian Yingxiao waved his fan and smiled, No, we really arent afraid of that. If you got the guts, then come. How about you call the Fire God Shrine from all over the world to contest with us?"