World Defying Dan God Chapter 481

Chapter 481 Death Storm
Chapter 481 Death Storm

The crowd stood on top of a tall hill. What surprised them was that the spatial crack behind them had disappeared, which meant that they were temporarily trapped within the White Tiger Profound Realm, and they must wait for two months until the big whirlpool opened again to get out of there!

Of course, Chen Xiang had already marked a target point on the Luotian Door. With his current strength, it would be very easy for him to escape from the Profound Realm.

Where should we go? This Profound Realm is really big. Its the biggest Profound Realm Ive ever seen. Lan Shan said with excitement. The killing intent and death aura were both heavy here, as well as the Spirit Qi, which was much denser than that in any Profound Realm he ever had seen before, which meant there must be a lot of treasures in it.

There were over a hundred people here, and they could be divided into several groups. Just as everyone began to search for groups, a gentle breeze suddenly blew out.

Be careful, it is the Tyrannical Devil Storm! Long Xueyi suddenly shouted.

The Tyrannical Devil Storm! Chen Xiang heard that from Bai Youyou before. It was a natural phenomenon that frequently appeared in the Devil World. It was formed usually at a place where killing intent, death aura, and Spirit Qi were very dense. When these three different kinds of intangible energies merged together, it would create a terrifying Tyrannical Devil Wind.

Chen Xiang also read about it in books, However, in the mortal world, it was known as the Death Storm. It was a type of strong wind that carried a sharp saber-like astral wind, and wherever it went, any architectures would be razed to the ground. Any places that it blew out would lose all vitalities and shew a scene of death.

"The Death Storm is coming! Chen Xiang shouted out loud. Although the majority of the people here belonged to the Holy Light Sect, there were also some magnets from other seas and the Chenwu Continent.

All of them were stunned as they heard the word Death Storm. They immediately looked around, only to see that in the distance around them, clumps of black gas suddenly appeared. The black gas bared its fangs and brandished its claws, as if it was a demon, forming a huge black tornado that connected the heaven and earth. Waves of thick, black clouds also immediately covered the sky.

Endless killing intent and death aura dispersed in the sky, like a curtain of death that came crashing down, causing everyone to be breathless!

Junior master Gu Dongchen yelled and was about to extend his hand to grab Chen Xiang, but he was a step too slow. Everyone was pulled by an invisible force and dispersed. They were all sucked away by a strong suction force and swept into the huge tornado in all directions.

Chen Xiang hurriedly urged the wind attribute energy in his body to fuse him with the violent and strong air current. This way, he would be able to barely control his body.

In just a few blinks of an eye, more than a hundred strong practitioners of the Nirvana Realm had been sucked away to somewhere unknown. More and more huge black tornadoes appeared around them. Promptly, all the beautiful mountains and trees were sucked into the terrifying tornado.

The entire place had become a sea of death tornado. At a glance, one could see that these tornadoes were like giant pillars that connected the heavens and the earth!

This is really a Tyrannical Devil Storm! Currently, only Chen Xiang was not sucked into the tornado. However, it was difficult for him to escape from the powerful suction force. His body could not help but float in a certain direction.

The terrifying astral wind was like a sharp blade. If Chen Xiang didnt have the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, he would have been cut into pieces by the countless blades formed from the astral winds.

Chen Xiang did not withstand for a long time before he was sucked in by the huge tornado with thousands of feet of width. His body was protected by the Black Tornado Armament Armor, so he did not suffer any damage. However, these winds contained all sorts of tyrannical consciousness, just like the howls of ghosts and wolves, wanting to drill into Chen Xiang consciousness and devour his soul.

Now Chen Xiang knows why the person who came out would go crazy. After suffering such a mental attack, the persons consciousness would be devoured and he would inevitably turn crazy!

Fortunately, Chen Xiang was cultivating the divine path, therefore his divine sense was abnormally strong, no to mention that he possessed magic force that was times stronger than the divine sense. He did not know how long it would take for the storm to stop, so he could only circulate the Nine Revolving Dragon Divine Technique to absorb the tyrannical spiritual energy from the tornado. Although the energy was extremely violent and filled with evil consciousness, it turned into a very pure spiritual energy being refined by Chen Xiang through Nine Revolving Dragon Divine Technique.

That was also what Long Xueyi told him to do. This way, he could take the opportunity to cultivate the Divine Path, because right now, he had many spiritual powers ready for him to absorb.

The storm lasted for three days. Countless giant death tornadoes whirled crazily as they moved quickly, leading the people to different places. When the tornado collapsed, there was a strong explosion of air, causing everything inside to gush out in all directions.

Originally, Chen Xiang had discovered that there were several Nirvana Realm practitioners in the same tornado as him. However, after that explosion, they were split up even further away.

Chen Xiang was blown into a forest. Recalling how he was instantly thrown to this place by the power of the Qi earlier, he could not help being emotional, Is this the power of nature? Humans are truly unable to contend against it!

It was already very fortunate that he could survive. Now, Chen Xiang had to find Liu Menger and Gu Dongchen first. All the people was scattered, and if Chen Xiang met Qin Zejun, Xiao Ziliang, or those people from the Fire God Shrine, he would definitely be killed.

Damned, this White Tiger Profound Realm is too terrifying! Chen Xiang cursed as he took out a talisman that Liu Menger gave him.

This was a Communication Spirit Talisman. It could only be used once, while if Chen Xiang couldnt send a message due to excessive distance, then it would be a waste. Now, he had only one of it.

I hope Sister Menger is nearby! Chen Xiang activated the talisman, which then ignited into flames. At the same time, he infilled his message into the talisman and delivered it out.

In a desolate mountain full of tall hills, Liu Menger was standing on top of a hill. Suddenly, one of her talismans started to move. She took it out her, then the talisman bursted out with flames. She received the message from Chen Xiang, and at the same time, she also knew which direction the message came from.

Knowing that Chen Xiang was fine, Liu Menger felt relieved. She let out a sigh of relief and flew off in a certain direction.

Chen Xiang waited at the same spot for more than six hours before he sensed Liu Mengers aura. They hastily leaped into the air and landed on Liu Mengers Jade Lotus Frisbee.

Little rascal, Im so worried for you! As Liu Menger saw that Chen Xiang was safe, she hurriedly rushed over and hugged him tightly.

Chen Xiang kissed her forehead and laughed, How could I die so easily!

Liu Menger let the Jade Lotus Frisbee descend into the forest. Chen Xiang looked around with a mischievous smile on his face. He licked his lips and laughed, "Sister Menger, right now, there are only two of us!

Without the presence as en empress, Liu Menger coquettishly pouted. Her face was slightly reddish as she gently closed her eyes and started kissing with Chen Xiang.

At this moment, Gu Dongchen was in a swamp shrouded in black fogs. While enduring the stench that made him want to puke, he yelled, junior master where are you? Junior master

If Gu Dongchen knew that his Junior Master was hugging and kissing a pretty girl and enjoying the tender and flirtatious grace of an empress, he would definitely be angered to the point of vomiting bile. ~