World Defying Dan God Chapter 483

Chapter 483 The White Tiger Battle Clan
C483 - The White Tiger Battle Clan

Chen Xiang took out the Xuan Beast Bag and released Bai Zhenzhen out. Liu Menger was surprised as she saw Chen Xiang releasing a white tiger. She could tell that the white tiger was very powerful and would soon be promoted to a Xuan Beast.

Zhenzhen, can you take us there?" Chen Xiang asked the white tiger with his divine sense. He guessed that the White Tiger Divine Weapon must have something to do with the White Tiger Clan. It was very likely that the White Tiger Divine Weapon was being protected by them.

Bai Zhenzhen nodded and said, master, dont worry. When you get there, I will ask them not attack you. The White Tiger Clan here thinks highly of their companions. You are my master, so they wont kill you. Because I will follow you if you die!

Chen Xiang was secretly worried in his heart. However, he still believed in Bai Zhenzhens words.

My parents might be here as well! Bai Zhenzhen said with some scary then ran forward. It was obvious that she missed her parents very much.

Chen Xiang dragged Liu Menger and flew away. Liu Menger asked, looks like the Xuan Beast Bag was created by me. I gave it to a goblin called Hua Xiangyue. How come it is in your hands now, and you even subdued a small white tiger within it?

Xiangyue brought me to subdue it. That was a long time ago. Chen Xiang said.

Heh heh, you actually have so many secrets with Hua Xiangyue! Liu Menger said in jealousy, then she asked, at the last Hero Assemble, there were two powerful white tigers suddenly coming out. Did you bring them there?

Yep, it was indeed me. Now this little guy really misses her parents! I hope her parents dont beat her up when the time comes. Chen Xiang said nervously.

Liu Menger frowned and said: You rascal really got guts, that you even dare to subdue a small white tiger with such strength. This little white tiger must have an extraordinary bloodline. A white tiger that could reach the peak of the Nirvana Realm definitely isnt an ordinary one. Even your crazy master has to be wary of that strength.

Chen Xiang certainly knew that, but he wasnt afraid. In any case, it was the little white tiger that willingly followed him.

Of course, the fact that Chen Xiang could subdue such a white tiger with pure and noble bloodline also shocked Liu Menger. This kind of white tiger wasnt something that could be easily subdued.

This little guy said there is a gathering place for the White Tiger Clan in the front. The White Tiger Divine Weapon is likely to be there. No matter what, we have to check it out. If anything happens, be careful, Sister Menger. Chen Xiang said.

Un, dont worry! Liu Menger was very confident in her own strength. Moreover, she also had a powerful divine weapon right now. She believed that Vermillion Bird String could definitely hold off a large group of strong practitioners.

Just as they descended the mountain and stepped into the land of ice and snow, they felt two terrifying auras of killing intent. A middle-aged man and woman wearing white tiger skins suddenly descended from the sky, and radiated dense killing intent.

Liu Menger was startled. They were the white tiger couple that she had met in the last Hero Assemble. Their strength was formidable.

After the white tiger couple landed on the ground, they hurriedly hugged Bai Zhenzhen. She was their daughter that they had been searching for a long time without any result. At this moment, Bai Zhenzhen let out a low roar, and her roar was filled with infinite yearning.

After that, the white tiger couple looked at Chen Xiang and Liu Menger with killing intent. However, just after a blink of eyes that brief the killing intent disappeared.

Did you save our daughter?" The middle-aged woman spoke with a stiff voice and her eyes filled with gratitude. Although she wasnt very beautiful, she had a very imposing aura, which made her appear to be extremely noble and dignified.

Chen Xiang knew that Bai Zhenzhen must have lied to her parents.

Its just a small matter. Chen Xiang hurriedly replied with a smile.

You even signed a contract with my daughter? The valiant looking middle-aged man stared at Chen Xiang, causing him to feel a lot of pressure.

Chen Xiang nodded, She volunteered.

I know. The middle-aged man said, "but I dont want my daughter to be controlled by humans! Youre here to look for the White Tiger Divine Weapon, right? "

Chen Xiang breathed a sigh of relief and nodded, Exactly.

Not everyone can come here to take the Divine Weapon. Only the one who is approved by the god can do that! The middle-aged woman said.

The god that the white tiger spoke of was the White Tiger God. Chen Xiang heard from Long Xueyi earlier that the Azure Dragon Subduing Devil Saber was related to the Azure Dragon, so the White Tiger Divine Weapon was naturally the same.

Chen Xiang lightly breathed in, while his heart of slaughter began to vibrate. An aura of killing intent bursted out from his body. The white tiger couple nodded their heads and said, You have passed the first stage.

What about you? The middle-aged woman looked at Liu Menger and asked with a gentle voice. Perhaps it was because they were both women.

I came with him. Liu Menger said.

Then come with me! The middle-aged man turned around and released a wave of energy. He lifted Bai Zhenzhen up then flew towards a snow-white mountain.

It did not take long that Chen Xiang and Liu Menger arrived at an ice field with the white tiger couple. There were many houses made of ice. After Chen Xiang and Liu Menger arrived, many people were appealed and came out to watch.

There were men, women, elders and children among these people. They all carried killing intents with them. That was the unique aura of white tigers!

They were all transformed from white tigers. Beasts that could transform were all in the Nirvana Realm. Now, Chen Xiang saw that there were at least two hundred people around him!

When the middle-aged man saw the astonished expressions of Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, he said, we are pure blood white tigers and we were born in the human form. Our daughter is only one that turned to white tiger form just after she was born. We still dont know the reason of it.

So it is. Have you been here to protect the White Tiger Divine Weapon? Chen Xiang asked.

This is the mission God left us. We dont know how long we have been waiting! Although there were a few people coming here, none of them were able to take the divine weapon in the end. The middle-aged man sighed. It was obvious that he held a high position here.

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger followed them into a rather large ice house, while Bai Zhenzhen was taken away by the middle-aged woman. Chen Xiang knew that he might lose this little white tiger, so he secretly felt pity.

After waiting for a while, a sturdy old man with a long beard walked in. He was wearing the same white tiger skin as the others did here. His face was full of gentleness without any killing intent, but it gave Chen Xiang and Liu Menger an indescribable terror.

This old man was very strong!

My name is Bai Zhan. I am the chief of the White Tiger Battle Clan!" The old man said with a smile. Although his eyes were very benevolent, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were scared and felt their hairs standing on when they saw his eyes.

My name is Chen Xiang, Im here to take the White Tiger Divine Weapon. She came with me."

Bai Zhan stroked his long beard and frowned, this lady should be Liu Menger of the Divine Weapon Sect! I didnt predict that you could obtain the Divine Vermillion Bird Weapon. That is really strange!