World Defying Dan God Chapter 484

Chapter 484 Prophet Of The White Tiger Battle Clan
C484 - Prophet of the White Tiger Battle Clan

Out of everyones expectation, Bai Zhan knew Liu Menger. This made both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger to be surprised.

I have been to the outside world before, and closest Chenwu Continent is my most frequently going place. Bai Zhan smiled and explained.

Chen Xiang and Liu Menger already knew that there were hidden strong practitioners in the Mortal Martial Realm. Although those sect headmasters were famous, it did not mean that they were the strongest. There were some strong Nirvana Realm masters living in a secluded life.

According to the legends, the Four Symbols Divine Weapons should belong to the same person, but right now, Lady Liu had the Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon, while the little man had the Azure Dragon Divine Weapon and the Black Tortoise Divine Weapon! Bai Zhan asked in confusion.

Liu Menger explained, The Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon was given to me by my parents when I was very young. Ive been carrying it for over ten thousand years.

So thats how it is. In that case, you have obtained the approval of the Vermilion Bird Divine Weapon! Now, which one of you is going to take the White Tiger Divine Weapon? Bai Zhan nodded his head and curiously looked at Chen Xiang. He hadnt been out for quite some time, so he naturally didnt know anything about Chen Xiang. He only felt that it was strange that a person with mediocre strength actually obtained two of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, and this men got on pretty well with Liu Menger.

"Ill go. Chen Xiang responded. He was cultivating the Four Symbols Divine Technique, and he could only obtain the White Tiger Divine Weapon as he used the White Tiger True Qi.

Bai Zhan said, If you want to go to the Holy Land of God War, you must first cancel the contract with that little white tiger, then defeat the future God of War of our White Tiger Battle Clan.

Bai Zhenzhen let out a low roar. She clearly didnt want to break the contract with Chen Xiang. She wished to stay with him because there would be many delicious dishes for her.

If you want to obtain the White Tiger Divine Weapon, you must not have a contract with any member of our White Tiger Battle Clan. Otherwise, the White Tiger Divine Weapon will not approve you! Actually we have no objection to our White Tiger Battle Clan members being together with humans. Bai Zhan sighed.

Chen Xiang walked over and rubbed Bai Zhenzhens head, saying, little brat, you should stay here for now. After you turn into a human and become a Xuan Beast, you can come to the Extreme Martial Sect to find me!"

Bai Zhenzhen nodded her hand although she was unwilling to do that. Then a contract pattern appeared between Chen Xiangs eyebrows, and flickered with white light as it entered Bai Zhenzhens head. In this way, the contract between them was released.

Back then, this contract was made by Bai Zhenzhen to show her sincerity to Chen Xiang. Once she harmed him, the contract would bound her and cause her death.

Our White Tiger Battle Clan is born to be belligerent. There is a Holy Land of God of War, and the White Tiger Divine Weapon is right there. That place is a restricted area for us, so we cant enter it, and we will not allow others to enter either! Only if you defeat our future God of War and obtain the him approval will you be able to step into the Holy Land. At that time, all of the elders of our White Tiger Battle Clan will leave the Holy Land for you to take away the White Tiger Divine Weapon smoothly.

Bai Zhans words were very clear. The White Tiger Divine Weapon was in the Holy Land of God of War, and he must defeat the future God of War in order to enter the Holy Land!

Who is the future God of War? What is his strength like? If he is a Nirvana Realm practitioner, how could I defeat it?" Chen Xiang asked.

Bai Zhan took a light breath and said, Dont worry. The future God of War is the prophet of our White Tiger Battle Clan. I dont know how strong he is, but he will fight you fairly! He is the future god of our White Tiger race!

Well, then take me to him. I hope it will be just as what you said. As Chen Xiang saw Liu Menger nodding her head at him, he had no choice but to take a look at the so-called further God of War in the future.

Follow me! Bai Zhan brought Chen Xiang and Liu Menger out of the huge ice house and headed towards a large iceberg in the distance.

Bai Zhan didnt walk fast. He said that they shew their respect to meet the future God of War, so they couldnt fly over. They could only walk there.

This caused Chen Xiang to feel depressed. He didnt know how long he would have to walk for. In addition, this place was a world of ice and snow in a vast expanse of white. If he didnt hold Liu Mengers warm and white hands, he would have definitely complained along the way.

The White Tiger Battle Clan should be the direct bloodline of the White Tiger Divine Beast. The White Tiger became the God of Slaughter because he was too belligerent, so he was also a God of War! You said you are going to meet your future God of War, could it be that he will reach the level of a divine beast in the future? Su Meiyao said in confusion.

Something like the divine beast is usually present in worlds with extremely high levels. There is no divine beasts even in the Heavenly Realm!" Long Xueyi said, all the dragons of our Royal Dragon Family could become divine beasts, but that would take a very long time. If there really is a future God of War, I think it would be the resurrected White Tiger Divine Beast!"

Hearing Long Xueyis words, Chen Xiang and Bai Youyou were both astonished. The White Tiger Divine Beast could resurrect after death, even in the Mortal Martial World?!

All of the four Divine Beasts participated in the refining process of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons. The Azure Dragon Subduing Devil Saber is originally the sacred artifact of our dragon race. It is said that a long time ago, the Royal Dragon Family fought over this sacred artifact, causing the entire Heavenly Realm to be thrown into chaos. After that, someone hided these four divine weapons in order to prevent such things from happening again.

"Little tramp dragon, what do you mean by resurrecting after death? Will a Divine Beast still die as it is in such a level? Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Our Royal Dragon Family has all kinds of legends, and one of them is called Nirvana Rebirth, which especially occurs in those Divine Beasts. Although they are powerful, they could not prevent from death in fights, so in order to protect themselves, they will retain their consciousness and reincarnate.

Chen Xiang had also heard of this legend. When he was young, he heard many stories of Immortals, that many Immortals would reincarnate after death and born in Mortal World. After that, they would comprehend the Heavenly Dao through cultivation, then regained their Immortal status and ascended into the Heavenly Realm

They had been walking in the land of ice and snow for a long time, and it was late at night. A full moon and stars lit up the ice. Finally they came to a large iceberg, in front of which was a cave.

As soon as they arrived, an ordinary looking young man walked out of the cave. This man was also wearing white tiger skin clothes, and his stature was very big, taller than Chen Xiang by a head. His skin was dark. Although he had an ordinary appearance, a kings aura dispersed between his eyebrows, which gave even Liu Menger an indescribable pressure.

This young man was extremely strong. Chen Xiang and Liu Menger could tell it with a single glance, especially when they saw the intelligent battle intent in the young mans eyes. Both Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were kind of terrified.

Prophet, they Just as Bai Zhan said this, the young man waved his hand to interrupt him.

Go back to the clan and wait for me. I have already known everything. The young man said. His voice was calm, but there was a hint of majesty in it.

Bai Zhan respectfully retreated and left in a quick pace.

Which one of you wants to take the White Tiger Divine Weapon? The young man asked. He looked at Liu Menger and then at Chen Xiang. Finally, his gaze landed on their hands that were closely held together.