World Defying Dan God Chapter 485

Chapter 485 The God Of Slaughter
The strongest person that Chen Xiang had seen in the Mortal Martial Realm was Bai Youyous elder sister, Bai Ziqian! But now, he felt that the young man in front of him was much scarier than Bai Ziqian!

Its me." Chen Xiang replied. He had no confidence to defeat such a fellow. He felt that he was nothing more than an ant in front of this young man.

The young man looked at Liu Menger and smiled: I see!

What? Liu Menger knew that this young man had noticed their hands holding together earlier, while the smile on his face was extremely strange, so she could not help but asked in curiosity.

The young man said, The Vermillion Bird String is also called the Vermillion Bird Love String. After you obtained the Vermillion Bird String, you were touched by this brat, werent you? And you were even even turned on by him!

Liu Menger was stunned for a moment. She suddenly understood why she had such an indescribable feeling for Chen Xiang in that very short period, and why she finally fell in love to Chen Xiang. It turned out that it was the Vermillion Bird String that plagued her, but even so, she believed that it was her feelings that surpassed the Vermillion Bird String, especially what Chen Xiang did for her, that he let her to take the Fire Soul, told her details of the Nirvana Tribulation, gave her incomparably precious spirit medicine, and helped her smoothly survive the Nirvana Tribulation!

Chen Xiangs good intentions were all engraved in her heart, so she didnt think that her emotion would be manipulated by the Vermillion Bird String.

It has nothing to do with it. Even if I dont have the Vermilion Bird String, Ill still be with him. Liu Menger firmly said. She didnt want Chen Xiang to think that she stayed with him because of the Vermillion Bird String. This would severely hurt a mans self-esteem.

I believe in you! The young man smiled.

Chen Xiang clenched Liu Mengers jade-like hands and said to the young man, are you the White Tiger?"

There was a trace of surprise in the young mans eyes. He nodded: You got me. You are actually not simple!

After confirming the identity of this future God of War, Chen Xiang and Bai You were both extremely surprised. It was just as Long Xueyi said, that the future God of War was the reincarnation of the White Tiger Divine Beast!

Could it be that the White Tiger had died a long time ago? And it actually reincarnated to such a place!

Liu Menger quickly thought of something. The legendary Four Divine Beasts were not legends at all. They truly existed. If this young man in front of them was called White Tiger, then he must be the legendary White Tiger Divine Beast, and the God of Slaughter!

The name of the White Tiger Divine Weapon is the Slaughtering God Hand. Its a set of gloves, and if you put on it on your hand, you will have extremely horrifying power. It will cause one to be filled with slaughtering intent, and it was refined with my life. I died at that time. The White Tiger said. Although his tone was calm, it was filled with sadness and vicissitudes of life.

"So If you want to get the White Tiger Divine Weapon, you have to defeat me, because that was refined with my previous life! I will fight you with the same cultivation level as yours. It is the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, right? White Tiger asked.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. If that was the case, then he had nothing to be afraid of. He would have a high chance of winning if the opponent was in the same level as his.

You are not allowed to borrow the strength of that small dragon! The White Tiger supplemented. His requirement made Liu Menger to be confused. However, she immediately thought of the White Dragon tattoo on the left side of Chen Xiangs body. Now she remembered that every time Chen Xiang was using an extremely strong power, the White Dragon tattoo would shine. She knew that Chen Xiang had many secrets, but she also knew that if Chen Xiang wanted to tell her, she did not need to ask.

Well No problem. Chen Xiang didnt expect him to find that.

You cant use any weapons, including your Black Tortoise Armament Armor. Every time you are attacked, that thing will always pop out secretly! White Tiger said.

Chen Xiang sighed. After all these years, the Black Tortoise Armament Armor had indeed helped him block many attacks. However, he was not afraid right now, because his flesh body was also very strong, even without the Black Tortoise Armament Armor.

Anything else? Chen Xiang asked.

Thats it. How about you? Do you have any demands on me? " White Tiger laughed.

Chen Xiang was confused. Why did the White Tiger use its own life to make a divine weapon? Were the other divine weapons of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons the same as well?

Chen Xiang shoot his question out.

Not the other guys. Just me! Because I am the God of Slaughter, there was one guy who could not stand watching. He wanted to bet with me. If I lose, he would refine me into a divine weapon, and in the end, I lose!" The White Tiger did not gloss over his failure at all as he talked about it. Unexpectedly, a legendary being like him ddi not lie for such things.

Then why did the Four Symbols Divine Weapons appear in the Chenwu Continent? Chen Xiang asked again.

You will find it out later. Now, lets begin to fight at the front! As the White Tiger spoke, he had already walked towards the flat ice field at front. Suddenly, a huge circle of white light appeared, and that was the place where the two of them would duel.

Liu Menger kissed Chen Xiangs cheek and encouraged him, you will definitely win!

Chen Xiang nodded and followed the white tiger.

Senior White Tiger, the Great War of the Three Realms is coming. Will you come out to help out then? Chen Xiang asked. The Chenwu Continent would definitely be much safer if such a strong force was with it.

No, thats a matter of humans. If you humans unite together, you dont need to fear fiendish demons, nor do you need our help! White Tiger shook his head.

This was indeed a matter of humans. The number of humans was many times more than the White Tiger race and the demon beasts. If they couldnt resist the demons, then it could only be caused by the human races lack of unity.

Senior, you are a prophet. Do you know how long it will take before the Great War of the Three Realms comes? Chen Xiang asked again. This gave him a sense of security.

Around five years, very soon! At that time, as long as there are goblins, demons, and humans in this world, there will be a pathway that connects the three independent worlds. together. After that, there will be many worlds with goblins, demons and humans together. White Tiger said.

Five years! To someone who had been cultivating martial arts for a long time, five years was extremely fast!

Still, Chen Xiang had many things to complete before that. For example, he needed to refine a Low Rank Earth Level Dan within three years, then competed with Elder Dan to refine Dan! After that, he had to refine a large amount of Dan and cultivate three thousands of True Martial Realm martial artists, as well as to find three thousands of golden Flying Tigers and to build a mysterious and powerful cavalry!

Five years was too short. Even ten years wasnt enough.

Come on, put me down, then you can go to the Holy Land of God of War. At that time, you will be there to fuse with the Slaughtering God Hand! The White Tiger had his hands behind his back. At this moment, he had a serious expression on his face. He did not think low of Chen Xiang.

Although the White Tiger was reincarnated, its strength was still very strong. Chen Xiang believed that the strength of the White Tiger had long surpassed the human realm. It should be at a level above the Heavenly Realm.

Even if the White Tiger controlled his strength to the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, his flesh body and vigorous True Qi were not something that Chen Xiang could compare to!

However, Chen Xiang also had his trump card. Although he was not allowed to use the Azure Dragon Subduing Devil Saber or the Black Tortoise Armament Armor, he was very confident in himself. He must defeat the God of Slaughter!