World Defying Dan God Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Thorough Suppression
Youre still too young! Hearing these words, the White Tiger and Liu Menger were both shocked as they were stroke by a lightning. They didnt understand where Chen Xiang got his gut from to dare to say such words in front of a divine beast.

However, the White Tiger did not expect that Chen Xiang could use such a strange technique, nor did it expect that Chen Xiangs flame would be so powerful that it could suppress its strength. Its gold attribute True Qi would be instantly incinerated upon contact with the flame, which substantially reduced its strength.

Originally, the White Tiger thought that the killing intent it released would suppress Chen Xiang, but he completely ignored it. That killing intent was a type of mental attack. However, Chen Xiangs divine sense was so strong that he was completely fine.

Just a moment ago, the White Tiger was still full of momentum and intended to defeat Chen Xiang in one go. But now, it was suddenly entangled by Chen Xiangs Fire Vine. Waves of torching True Qi entered his body and devoured the True Qi gathered within his body.

The Fire Vine was very strong and could tightly entangle the White Tiger. However, Chen Xiang knew that it wouldnt be able to hold on for long, while it could make enough time for him to make his second round of fierce attacks.

Under the astonishment of the White Tiger, Chen Xiang had already arrived in front of him. Both his arms were like blazing iron blocks, emitting a forceful burning power. Flames would occasionally gush out them.

Looking at Chen Xiangs arms that was like axes chopping down, the White Tiger was helpless. Right now, it was unable to manipulate the True Qi in his body because it was completely restrained by the flames. Besides, Chen Xiang moved very fast, leaving it no chance to react.

At this moment, Chen Xiang was seething with fury. The flames of anger were extremely terrifying. He struck out with his palm, then fiercely chopped down on the White Tigers shoulder, just like collapsing mountains and cracking the earth.

The Furious Dragon Slash was terrifying, even though it was not performed from the Azure Subduing Dragon Demon Slayer, and it would be more nimble ff Chen Xiang used both his hands. Right now, it still took some more time for the White Tiger to break free from the Fire Vine, but just this little bit of time was enough for him to use hundreds of Dragon Slashes.

Chen Xiangs two arms were like sabers with surging flames. He frantically slashed at the White Tiger that was surrounded by Fire Vines. All the slashes were extremely deadly as they hacked down on the White Tigers upper body.

Seeing Chen Xiangs enraged expression, the White Tiger was also furious. It was a magnificent divine beast. Even though it was reincarnated, it had never been so aggrieved, but now it was actually provoked by a mere mortal, time by time.

The face of the White Tiger was red and swollen. The upper half of its body was burnt by Chen Xiangs Furious Dragon Slash.

Of course, Chen Xiang knew that his slashes didnt damage the inside of the White Tiger. The White Tigers flesh body was extremely terrifying. Such a tyrannical attack that he performed only left a superficial wound on it!

When he felt that the White Tiger was about to break free from the Fire Vine, Chen Xiang stopped using Furious Dragon Slash and switched to the Heaven-Shaking Palm. He had struck the White Tiger several dozen times in just an instant on its body parts on which it was about to circulate True Qi, which successfully dissipated its True Qi.

In order to prevent itself from being attacked by Chen Xiang, the White Tiger let out a roar and bursted all of the all True Qi from its body, which once again shook Chen Xiang away. However, this consumed a lot of his True Qi while it did not harm Chen Xiang at all.

Even though the White Tiger was furious, it was aware clearly that there was a huge gap when it suppressed its cultivation to the same level as that of Chen Xiang. It would have already been beaten to smithereens if its flesh body that it had cultivated from many years did not withstand a large portion of Chen Xiangs attack.

In the same cultivation realm, Chen Xiang was invincible. It was the same for others, like the Mighty Clans, Human Royal Clans and Blue Blood Family were all the same. All of them could not defeat Chen Xiang Even if they were stronger than him.

Liu Mengers heart jumped instantly when she saw this. She started to suspect that the White Tigers identity was real. At the start of the fight, it was beaten up by Chen Xiang to the point that it couldnt fight back at all.

The flames of anger on Chen Xiangs body weakened, but a smile still hung on the corner of his mouth. At this moment, the White Tiger seemed to have discovered something, and it suddenly felt a bit cold!

The White Tiger had been living in this world of ice and snow for many years, but it had never felt cold before, while now it felt as if a wave of cold stream circulated within its body.

The Icy Soul Devil Dominance! Its was a mysterious spiritual attack. After being infused with the Icy Soul Devil Dominance, one would feel cold due to a kind of spiritual effect, just like indulging into an illusory magic array. After entering the magic array, ones spirit would be kidnapped, causing his or her five senses to be confused and thinking that everything was real.

Its the time to use the Bone Melting Devil Palm. This White Tigers body is very strong, so it should not be able to melt his bones, but it still causes it to suffer a heavy injury. Now its own True Qi was sealed and will be quickly consumed. You better consume all its True Qi first, then violently beat up its flesh body that is eroded by the Icy Soul Devil Dominance until he surrenders. Bai Youyou said.

What did you do to me? The White Tiger was at a loss and hurriedly asked. It was hard for him to imagine a person using such a powerful flame to attack him, yet he was able to send a strange cold energy into its body.

These were two extremes of strength. Although they could be used at the same time, it was extremely difficult for them to be used in such a secretive way as Chen Xiang did.

As Liu Menger saw the White Tiger trembling slightly, she knew that Chen Xiang had used that strange technique again. Last time when Chen Xiang was in Fragrant City, he used exactly the same ten technique against Xiao Chou, a Mighty Clan member. Even though she was separated by a barrier and far away from Chen Xiang, she could feel the intense heat but was unable to sense the icy cold energy.

The cold power that was able to freeze the White Tiger was clearly much stronger than the flame that Chen Xiang used earlier. However, Chen Xiang used it without leaving a trace, which led people be confused since it was totally against normalities.

Of course, Chen Xiang didnt use the icy cold energy. He was only executing a close range attack. He deceived peoples spirit and made them feel that they were frozenly cold!

The White Tiger thought that it was a divine beast, so it was so confident that it sealed its divine sense into merely the level of an early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, whereas Chen Xiang cultivated the Divine Path, so his divine sense was far above the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm. In this way, he managed to perform the Icy Soul Devil Dominance and caused a spiritual, lethal attack on the White Tiger.

However, the White Tiger still didnt know that its spirit was under attack because it didnt think that Chen Xiangs divine sense was much stronger than its.

I told you. You are still too young!" Chen Xiang laughed as he leaped forward. A pair of flaming wings suddenly appeared on his shoulder and accelerated his speed, causing him to fly over with a violent impacting force.

Although the White Tiger was cold, it was free to use its True Qi. This time it was prepared as it saw Chen Xiang coming to it. It took out its fists, which were a pair of white tiger fists. Waves of tiger roars came out of these two tyrannical fists, defending Chen Xiangs flaming attack.

As the four fists collided with each other, the wind and clouds flight out in the air. The White Tiger was stunned in its expression changed as it trembled in fear. Moreover, both of its arms were also in extreme pain, which forced it to hurriedly retreat.

Chen Xiang not only released the Icy Soul Devil Dominance on his fists, but also the force of Bone Melting Devil Palm that eroded the White Tigers bones.