World Defying Dan God Chapter 488

Chapter 488 The Star And Moon Berserk Dragon
Even though the White Tiger was able to beat Chen Xiang to fly, the power of the Bone Melting Devil Palm and the Icy Soul Devil Dominance that entered its body caused its bones to ache. Its entire body was cold, and Chen Xiang also gave it a strong blow.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang poured a large amount of Icy Soul Devil Dominance into the White Tigers body, which made it to feel even colder. This way, the White Tiger would be affected and wouldnt be able to exert its strength during the battle.

Seeing the White Tiger shivering, Chen Xiang secretly laughed in his heart. He flew over once again with his palms dancing in the air. Shadow of his palms flew out. The palm wind was like raging waves as it enveloped the White Tiger, instantly striking the White Tiger in hundreds of times. In that instant, the earth trembled, while the strength of the Bone Melting Devil Palm wreaked havoc on the bones in the White Tigers body. The evil Icy Soul Devil Dominance drilled into the White Tigers sea of consciousness and attacked its spirit.

Chen Xiang used all his full strength and the fastest speed he could get to perform it. In that instant, the White Tigers bones hurt endlessly. Furthermore, the ice-cold feeling made its entire body shiver and its expression turn ugly.

The White Tiger still had many powerful martial skills that it had not used, but now not only was it unable to use martial skills, it was even unable to circulate its True Qi. Chen Xiangs attacks were too fierce and with a power that it had never seen before, which made it to be at a loss as to how to deal with them.

White Tiger King Fist! A killing intent burst forth from Chen Xiangs body. Two tiger heads appeared on the surface of his fists that were like thunders as they crazily struck on the White Tigers body.

Now, Chen Xiang no longer used the palm power of the Bone Melting Devil Palm. Instead, he channeled the Icy Soul Devil Dominance to the White Tiger. He wanted to freeze it to the point that it was unable to retaliate.

If the White Tiger did not seal its divine sense, it would definitely know what strange techniques Chen Xiang was using. It was only because its divine sense was far inferior to that of Chen Xiang that it did not know that this coldness came from his spirit.

In addition, the flames that Chen Xiang was using terrified it the most. Although afraid of fire, it had never been afraid to such an extent before. Chen Xiangs flame was already so terrifying in this stage, and it would definitely become even stronger in the future. After entering its body, the flames would be able to completely destroy its True Qi.

The Heavy and Earth Fire, the Icy Soul Devil Dominance, and the Bone Melting Devil Palm, Chen Xiang used all of them to suppress the White Tiger. First, he utilized the Heaven and Earth Fire to suppress the White Tigers gold attribute True Qi, then the Bone Melting Devil Palm to make it feel pain all over its body, after which he took the opportunity to infuse the Icy Soul Devil Dominance into the White Tigers spirit to slowly wear it down, causing it to gradually lose its advantage, while as it was unable to fight back, it was repressed by Chen Xiangs extremely fast speed and tyrannical attacks.

To know your enemies and yourself prevents you from being defeated all the time. Although Chen Xiang didnt fully understand the White Tiger, he knew that its weakness was its fear of fire. Moreover, it was a reincarnated divine beast, so it though lowly of its component. The White Tiger did not take it necessary to know Chen Xiang entirely. It discovered that a small dragon was attaching to Chen Xiangs body, and it also forbade Chen Xiang to use Long Xueyis strength or the Black Tortoise Armament Armor. This way, it believed that Chen Xiangs strength would become weaker!

White Tiger lost because of this. His True Qi might be stronger than that of Chen Xiang, while its martial arts might also be stronger. However, when the White Tiger was at ease, Chen Xiang suppressed it with his fastest speed!

This was a tactic. In a martial arts match, it was not a one-sided fight. It was not enough to only use force without a brain.

Right now, the White Tiger was like a human sandbag, being crazily beaten up by Chen Xiang until its face was swollen, whereas Chen Xiang would not grant it any mercy. It was hard for him to beat up the White Tiger like this, so he wouldnt leave it with any chance to retaliate.

Liu Menger let out a breath of relief as she watched Chen Xiang beating the White Tiger to fly from side to side in trembling. She knew that the victor had been decided.

Heaven Tiger Rampage Fist!" After Chen Xiangs tiger head fists burning with anger attacked over, a series of explosions rang out and flames shot in all directions. Chen Xiangs fists crazily landed on the White Tigers face. Each punch caused a violent explosion.

After tiring himself out, Chen Xiang switched to the Heaven Shaking Palm to launch an inhumane attack. If the White Tiger was just an ordinary Extreme Realm cultivator, it would have long been crashed to meat sauce. While the White Tigers body was very strong, although it could not use True Qi and was shivering in cold, it was still with consciousness.

Chen Xiang knew that if he were to continue, the White Tiger would be able to disperse the Icy Soul Devil Dominance. He steeled his heart and released his magic power, beginning to execute the Heavenly Dragon Seal!

He knew that with his current strength, he was unable to make the White Tiger with a powerful fleshly body admit defeat. He could only borrow the power of heaven and earth!

It was late at night and the sky was full of stars. A full moon was high up in the sky and the Spirit Qi floating in the sky was very dense. The dense Spirit Qi in the Profound Realm made the Heavenly Dragon Seal that Chen Xiang casted even stronger.

Use the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon in the Heavenly Dragon Seal. You could borrow the Spirit Qi and the power of the stars and moon to summon the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon at night. It is very powerful at night. Long Xueyi said.

The Heavenly Dragon Seal was a technique for granting punishment. The most basic thing about it was to release the True Qi in ones body, then to use his or her magic power to silently condense the Spirit Qi in the air to form a dragon claw, which could then be released a little bit stronger Furious Dragon Punishment. It was the best technique to use in a raging state.

The last thing necessary to do was to summon dragons with different energy natures to take punishment. Chen Xiang had previously performed the Demon Subduing Holy Dragon to deal with a Demon when he was in the Kings Continent. It was at night at present, so it would be the best choice for him to summon the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon.

Chen Xiang began to chant the spell. His powerful mana was released and floated in the air, forming a huge net that compressed all of the Spirit Qi there. At the same time, it also absorbed the power of the lights of the stars and moon, converging to a glowing spiral disk in the air. It was extremely beautiful, but that power caused the icy plain to slightly tremble.

It was not the first time that Liu Menger saw Chen Xiang using some strange and powerful martial arts, but she was still stunned in this time.

In the sky above the ice field, the huge spiral disks that covered a circumference of over a hundred miles seemed to be formed from countless lights that converged together like galaxies. The power of the stars and the moon gathered together, colliding with each other, fusing, and then clashing Terrifying waves of power burst out and spun rapidly in the air. The pressure formed by this power had caused many huge icebergs to collapse. The ice ground ruptured and the earth was shaking.

Chen Xiang watched as the spiral disk above grew bigger and bigger. It resembled the Milky Way in the summer. He was also extremely stunned as he saw it himself!

Is this the Heavenly Dragon Seal? The White Tiger let out a cry of surprise. It now understood why it felt an indescribable chill. It was a spiritual attack. When it saw Chen Xiang use his divine techniques, it was aware that Chen Xiang cultivated Divine Path, while his divine sense was far beyond that of an ordinary person.

The Star and Moon Berserk Dragon! After Chen Xiang finished chanting the spell, he was extremely excited. The huge glowing disc in the sky condensed into a gigantic dragon that appeared to be made of starlight. It flew for a while in the sky before letting out a loud roar and crashing into the ground.

Chen Xiang hurriedly dodged. He took all the True Qi in his body to release Fire Vines to tightly wrap around the White Tiger, preventing it from moving!

Hmph! The White Tiger let out a cold snort, and the Fire Vines on its body immediately exploded. With a wave of its hand, a huge tiger forming from white lights flew out and crashed toward the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon.

The dragon and tiger collided and instantly exploded, generating a burst of light that illuminated the night sky, as if it was day.

You win!" The White Tiger sighed. It was forced by Chen Xiang to use it true strength to destroy the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon in the end, which made it feel much better.