World Defying Dan God Chapter 489

Chapter 489 A Crisis Before The Divine Weapon
The White Tiger removed the power that was sealing its strength, which allowed it to recover its strength to the original state. Only then would it be able to easily defeat the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon that Chen Xiang released.

This caused Chen Xiang to feel extremely displeased. He really wanted to see the White Tiger being beaten to a pulp. It took him a lot of magic power to condense it.

Seeing that the White Tiger had admitted defeat, Liu Menger blinked her beautiful eyes at Chen Xiang. However, the shocking scene of Chen Xiang summoning the Star and Moon Berserk Dragon still lingered in her mind.

After regaining its strength, the White Tiger easily dispelled the Icy Soul Devil Dominance that affected its spirit.

You win! The White Tiger Divine Weapon is yours!" The White Tiger said, with an non-coverable relentlessness in its eyes. It was the White Tiger Divine Beast, while it was actually beaten up by a little brat to such a miserable state. Moreover, the little brat held a great advantage. Its face would probably fall if such words were leaked out.

Chen Xiang smiled and asked, Where is the White Tiger Divine Weapon?

Its in the Holy Land of God of War. I cannot get close to that place. Once I get close, that White Tiger Divine Weapon will return to me. At that time, it will be very difficult to take it down. Unless you could fuse with it, I cannot get close to it. The White Tiger sighed, You will get the reputation of God of War when you can actually defeat me in the future!"

Didnt I just defeat you in a real sense? Chen Xiang smiled and said, Senior White Tiger has a great advantage. If it wasnt for your powerful flesh body, I would have already finished my business "

Hearing Chen Xiangs words, the White Tiger couldnt help but blush as it flew away.

Pass through the cave and you will reach the holy land.

The White Tigers words echoed in Chen Xiangs ears, causing him and Liu Menger to laugh.

Liu Menger flew to Chen Xiangs side and helped him put on his clothes. After that, she wiped off the sweat on his face as well as the blood on the corner of his mouth.

You brat really made it lose face. It is the White Tiger Divine Beast." Liu Menger said with smile. Although she said so, she was secretly proud in her heart because Chen Xiang was her beloved.

Chen Xiang kissed her face and pulled her towards the cave.

I did not expect that the White Tiger Divine Weapon is called the the Hand of God of Slaughter. It doesnt have any similarities with the names of the Azure Dragon Demon Subduing Slayer, Vermillion Bird Strings or and Black Tortoise Armament Armor.

"The White Tiger said that it is a pair of gloves. If you wear them on your hand, you would be very strong when you use your fist and palm to attack. Chen Xiang displayed a mischievous smile on his face.

Liu Menger wrinkled her nose and snorted, little rascal, you sure have a lot of underhanded tactics. That White Tiger was completely disgraced by your underhanded methods and lost so badly."

Chen Xiang laughed, Im fair and square. If I use all of my underhanded techniques, then this big white cat will lose even more miserably!

Liu Menger knew that there were many secrets on him, but she didnt ask too many questions. She also had her own secrets, and Chen Xiang didnt ask her anything. They two had a strong mutual trust.

I feel that something miraculous might happen if the Four Symbols Divine Weapon are on the same person. Now that you dont have the Vermillion Bird Strings. It would be great if I could take it off! Liu Menger said with guilt as she bit her lips.

Hehe, sister Menger, you just need to refine one more in the future. Anyway, it is just a refining process. I believe that sister Menger will definitely be able to make it." Chen Xiang smiled. Although this was only a matter of lack of perfection, Chen Xiang was very contented, not to mention that it was also a good thing that the Vermillion Bird Strings was on Liu Mengers hand. It could add her strength significantly.

Liu Menger lightly nodded her head. What Chen Xiang said was also her future goal, which was to refine a Vermillion Bird Divine Weapon so that Chen Xiang could gather all the Four Symbols Divine Weapon. However, she knew that it would take a long time.

After they entered the cave, they walked for over an hour to passed through the huge iceberg, then arrived at a verdant forest, which shocked them a lot, since they were in a world of ice and snow a moment ago.

Walking out of the cave, they saw a path paved with stone. At the end of the path, there was a huge round platform, like an altar, built in the middle of the forest.

Liu Menger pulled Chen Xiang along and crossed the long stone path in a flash, then they arrived at the round platform, beside which there was a round table.

On the table was a transparent crystal box. Inside the crystal box was a pair of gloves that seemed to be made of tiger skin. It was the kind that could show ones fingers.

This was the White Tiger Divine Weapon, the Hand of God of Slaughter!

Just when Chen Xiang was about to grab it, a very powerful force suddenly flew towards him. Liu Mengers expression changed drastically as she hastily waved her palm. Her hand was filled with an ice-cold energy as she slapped away the force attacking Chen Xiang.

However, Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were blown off the round platform by the blast of air.

"Haha The White Tiger Divine Weapon! This is the White Tiger Divine Weapon! This place is indeed the White Tiger Profound Realm. As long as I obtain this White Tiger Divine Weapon and kill this brat and the woman, I can also obtain this womans Fire Soul and that brats Azure Dragon Demon Subduing Slayer. Haha " A middle-aged man wearing red armor laughed crazily.

He was a member of the Fire God Shrine! Not only that, but he was very powerful. He was a martial artist that had survived the eight Nirvana Tribulations. Moreover, it could be known from the scorching hot energy he just released that he was a person with a Fire Soul!

Although Liu Menger had cultivated the Frost Wind Divine Technique, she could only barely defend against him. It was impossible for her to defeat the man!

As long as I get all these, the position of the Hall Master will be mine. The middle-aged man of the Fire God Shrine laughed maniacally as he hurriedly grabbed the White Tiger Divine Weapon.

At this moment, Liu Menger unleashed a wave of ice-cold energy, then a gust of cold wind blew over from all directions, transforming into numerous sharp ice thorns that pierced towards the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man sneered, if I were you guys, Id think of a way to escape now! As he discoursed, he shattered the ice thorns with a single palm strike, while the cold energy still lingered on the middle-aged mans body after the ice thorns shattered,.

Liu Menger flashed forward and shot out her beautiful palms. Waves of cold True Qi flew out from her palms and instantly covered the entire forest in a layer of frost. A thick layer of ice also covered the man of the Fire God Shrine.

Go, leave him to me! Liu Menger quickly said with a serious face.

She could easily escape as long as Chen Xiang made to leave. Furthermore, it was not necessary for Chen Xiang to flee too far. He just needed to pass through the iceberg. At that time, the White Tiger would definitely take actions.

Haha The middle-aged man laughed, Liu Menger, your Frost Wind Divine Technique is indeed very powerful, but its is still far from being able to deal with me. This brat can go, but you must die!

The ice on the middle-aged man suddenly cracked open. After that, Liu Menger quickly flew over and pushed on the ice on the middle-aged mans body, then the cracks on the ice closed up again.

Go!" Liu Menger shouted out as she gritted her teeth, with a sense of request within her eyes. She knew that Chen Xiang had a prospect future ahead of him, so he definitely couldnt die here.

Seeing Liu Menger in such a state, Chen Xiang knew that she spent up a huge amount of True Qi to use the Frost Wind Divine Technique to freeze the middle-aged man to give him time to escape.

Use the Demon Devouring Technique to devour that guy! Bai Youyou knew Chen Xiang well enough, that he would not leave Liu Menger alone.