World Defying Dan God Chapter 494 1

Chapter 494 The Power Of Creation Part I
Chapter 494 The Power of Creation (Part I)

Lian Yingxiao sighed and frowned.

"Mingdong had been with his mother since he was young. He lives in a humble life and his talent is outstanding. Its just that he hated me, so he decided to refute my material support and left the family. I also know that his is in the Extreme Martial Sect. It pleases me a lot to know that he lives well there.

Regarding Lian Mingdong, Lian Yingxiao flew away from the Frisbee with a deep consideration.

Chen Xiang felt that this matter was not simple. However, since that was someone elses family matter, he did not want to ask more this.

After returning to the Extreme Martial Sect, Chen Xiang quickly returned to the Tai Dan King Hall to see if Wu Qianqian had returned, but he still couldnt find her. He hadnt seen the number one beauty of the Extreme Martial Sect Sect for a long time.

Chen Xiang only wanted to give some ingredients to Wu Qianqian to refine Dan. This would not only help Wu Qianqian improve her Dan refining skills, but he would not need to do so himself.

It seems now that Liu Menger is about to undergoing her tribulation very soon. I taught her the Tai Chi Divine Technique, so she will definitely improve faster. Therefore, you better prepare some Huanming Dan for her. Su Meiyao said. Liu Menger taught Chen Xiang her Frost Wind Divine Technique, allowing Bai Youyou to benefit greatly. She didnt need to cultivate the Relentless Demon Art to become stronger, so the two sisters was very grateful towards Liu Menger in this area.

What? You taught the Tai Chi Divine Technique to sister Menger? Chen Xiang cried out in alarm because he didnt know about this matter.

"At that time, you were delirious and your body almost exploded to death. That was why I gave her the Tai Chi Divine Technique so that she could use it to rapidly absorb the undigestible power within your body! Besides, I am also thanking her for her Frost Wind Divine Technique, which relived my senior sister long-time troubles. Su Meiyao said. If possible, she wanted to make friends with a woman like Liu Menger right now. However, she would definitely have plenty of opportunities in the future.

If you have the time, just teach her the Icy Soul Devil Dominance to her. Consider it my thanks. Bai Youyou said.

Due to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyous impart powerful martial arts, as well as Huang Jintians Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Technique and Long Xueyis Supreme Dragon Martial Art, he didnt know the value of the sacred art and didnt have any knowledge of its value. However, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were very clear on the fact that the sacred art was not easy to come by.

Anyway, shes already your woman. Theres nothing for us to worry about! Su Meiyao smiled in a meaning. Everything that happened between Liu Menger and Chen Xiang was seen by Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou because they were hidden on top of the mysterious ring.

Chen Xiang laughed, You guys are really bad. You peek at us to be intimate with each other!

Little rascal, I did quite a bit of work for you to take advantage of her. Su Meiyao coquettishly snorted.

"Hehe, itll be great if you let me take advantage of you as well. Chen Xiang laughed in a bad smile. After that, he began to imagine. Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were as beautiful as Liu Menger. Beside, each of them had her own characteristics. When he thought about the three noble beauties being carried in his arms, his breath became quicker.

"Dont let your imagination run wild! Bai Youyou shouted at him in a serious tone. How could she not know about Chen Xiang was thinking of?

Hurry up and try out the Dragon Saliva that you have condensed. It will definitely be different from before!

After hearing Bai Youyous words, Chen Xiang recalled that he now had the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul. After using the Dragon Saliva Technique, it would definitely be different. Previously, it was precisely because of the Heaven Fire Soul that he was able to condense the even more powerful Golden Dragon Saliva.

No one knew what would happen until Chen Xiang tried it out!

Chen Xiang took a bath and sat on the bed. He started to circulate the Dragon Saliva Technique while simultaneously sensing the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul in his body.

After the Fire Soul entered ones bones, blood, and soul, it caused ones flesh and blood to contain a type of very small flame particles. By absorbing Spirit Qi, these particles would strengthen!

The particles in Chen Xiangs Heaven Fire Soul were able to release life force, which allowed Chen Xiang to extract life energy from those weak particles to condense the Golden Dragon Saliva as he coordinated it with his Dragon Saliva Technique.

The Heaven Fire Soul came from the blazing sun. The energy released by the sun could give birth to all sorts of life forms, but what about the Heaven Fire Soul?

What is this? Chen Xiang quickly saw the tiny particles of the Heaven and Earth Fire Soul. What shocked him was that the particles contained a lot of energy that emitted white rays.

These energies did not grow stronger by absorbing True Qi, but strengthening on themselves!

In order to see more clearly, he focused on observing. Soon, he understood why the white energy could be strengthen spontaneously. This made his breathing quicken with excitement.

The white energy was magical. It could split spontaneously into two energy particles of the same mass. After that, the particles could re-unit, then re-split and re-unit, and become stronger. Sometimes, they could even split into multiple energy particles, then fuse and become stronger.

"This is self-creation! This is the Power of Creation! To created out of thin air! Chen Xiang was stunned. He immediately told Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou about his discovery.

When they found out, they were also shocked.

"It seems that your Heaven and Earth Fire Soul contains the power of creation. Even without Spirit Qi, your fire soul will also gradually become stronger and create Spirit Qi. However, right now it has only just been formed and its creation speed is limited. If it becomes faster in the future, then you will get endless powers. Su Meiyao said.

If you use this power of creation to condense Dragon Saliva, the elixir will definitely grow very fast! Bai Youyou said. Chen Xiangs progress made her feel extremely gratified.

"The power of creation might be able to make a leaf grow into a tree, or even produce spirit fruits from a few seeds, so it would not be necessary to plant a tree. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang could not wait making a move. He immediately circulated the Dragon Saliva Technique to extract the power of creation. In just two hours, his mouth was already full of this power of creation, and he didnt feel like he was going to use it up at all!

He vomited the power of creation into a bottle, making it at least half full.

Now lets see how magical it is! Chen Xiang was filled with anticipation as he placed the half bottle of power of creation into the ring, allowing Su Meiyao and Bai You to try it out in the medicinal garden inside the ring.

The power of creation was like clear water, devoid of aura or luster. If Chen Xiang had not condensed it, Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao would have thought that it was only half a bottle of clear water.

Why dont you try using the Green Profound Fruit! Su Meiyao said as she handed the half bottle of power of creation and a Green Profound Fruit to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang cut the Green Profound Fruit into eight pieces and dripped a drop on top of each of the pieces. After waiting for a moment, the small piece of Green Profound Fruit flesh was instantly wrapped in a white light.

The white light slowly grew larger, becoming the size of a head. When the white light disappeared, Chen Xiang was astonished, while Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also stunned!

Green Profound Fruit was only the size of a fist, but the Green Profound Fruit on the table was like a huge watermelon glowing with green light. It could be told from the rich Spirit Qi that this Green Profound Fruit was in an extremely high quality.

This This is just a drop! Just a single drop was enough to turn a small piece of Green Profound Fruit into a complete fruit, and it was even as big as a watermelon.