World Defying Dan God Chapter 505

Chapter 505 A Romance On The Bed
Chapter 505 A Romance on the Bed

After taking a bath at night, Chen Xiang laid in bed thinking about Liu Mengers situation. The few acquaintances he knew, Hua Xiangyue, Liu Menger and Wu Kaiming, were all undergoing the Nirvana Tribulation. Once they succeeded, they would be people who overcame the Eighth Nirvana Tribulation, and could be considered the top existence in the Mortal Realm.

Suddenly, a delicate fragrance assaulted his nose. Leng Youlan with her wet hair jumped onto the bed. What made Chen Xiangs blood flow expand was that she simply wore a black cloth to wrap around her ample breasts and the triangle region below her waist.

Looking at her half revealed snow rabbits and the hint of cherry red, Chen Xiang found it hard to breathe. He couldnt help but take a deep breath.

Looking at Chen Xiangs dumbfounded expression, Leng Youlan giggled, sister Xianxian just said that if I wore like this, I would definitely captivate elder brother, haha

After that, Xue Xianxian was wearing a loose white robe as she slowly walked over. She slapped on Leng Youlans buttocks. With a pah sound, waves of buttocks rippled out, which made Chen Xiangs eyes almost pop out of their sockets.

Whats even worse was that Leng Youlan was lying on top of him right now. She raised her chest, and that deep gully between her breasted firmly attracted his eyes.

When he thought of the scene of Xue Xianxian bathing with Leng Youlan, many sexy scenes appeared in his mind.

Sis Xianxian, I want to take them off. Im not used to sleeping in clothes! Leng Youlan complained.

Hearing her words, Chen Xiang secretly supported her in his heart. However, he didnt dare say it out loud. After all, Leng Youlan was his little sister.

No way. If you are naked, this rascal will definitely be dishonest in his hands! Xue Xianxians beautiful eyes stared at Chen Xiang as she glared at him.

"Xianxian, your hands were never honest when you sleep with me. Hes my brother, and theres nothing wrong to let him touch my body. Didnt you allow him to touch you as well? " Leng Youlan muttered to herself and was about to pull away the cloth covering her chest. Her action made Chen Xiangs heart jumped into his throat. He was looking forward to it.

Xue Xianxian blushed immediately and she hurriedly stopped her, no way. That will just allow this rascal to take advantage of you!"

Chen Xiang secretly despised Xue Xianxian. When he thought about that when Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan slept, Leng Youlan were always naked and allowed Xue Xianxian to touch her, he was extremely jealous.

Your sisters breasts are a little bigger than those of your sister Menger. It seems that she is the one with the biggest chest out of all the women you know! Long Xueyi giggled and said, I also want to touch her.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also a little jealous of Leng Youlan. She remembered that the last time Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan met, her breasts werent that big. They really wanted to run out and ask Leng Youlan how her breasts grew up. This was also something that women cared about.

Xue Xianxian tossed Leng Youlan a loose white robe and asked her to put it on. Leng Youlan pouted and put it on unwillingly. Although she knew that men and women should not be too closed, she felt that it wasnt that big of a deal to be closed with Chen Xiang. If it wasnt for Xue Xianxian stopping her, she would have pulled Chen Xiang to bathe together with her.

After putting on her robe, Leng Youlan tore off the cloth covering her body. This caused Chen Xiang to swallow his saliva because he could see the proud two spots of cherry red on Leng Youlans chest.

Brother, help me dry my hair! Leng Youlan urged with her back facing Chen Xiang.

Leng Youlans white hair was very tough. Long Xueyi had already tested it. However, Chen Xiang still carefully released the heat to dry her soft and smooth white hair.

Do you usually sleep together? Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Yep. We also bathe together. I planned to bathe together with you, brother too, but sister Xianxian wouldnt allow it. Leng Youlan muttered.

Chen Xiang glanced at Xue Xianxian, but Immortal Xue gave him a supercilious look.

She really is my good little sister. She can think of anything with big brother. Chen Xiang said confidently.

Of course, Ive been planning on following brother for the rest of my life. After Leng Youlans hair was dried, she threw Chen Xiang onto the bed and started playing with him.

Chen Xiang was wearing very thin clothes. After having such intimate contact with Leng Youlan, some parts of his body started to turned on. He didnt expect Leng Youlan to be so casual with him and not treat him like a man at all. Usually, only women and women would be this close to each other.

Leng Youlan grew up under her fathers strict teachings. She didnt know much about men and women, or tried to understand. No one dared to talk about it in front of her, so she inherited her fathers warlike, cold, bold, and casual personality.

Chen Xiang felt that if Xue Xian was not there, he might be able to embrace naked Leng Youlan to sleep. Previously, Chen Xiang was secretly blaming Leng Youlan for interrupting his fair with Xue Xianxian, but now Xue Xianxian turned to be the hindrance.

Xue Xian could have refused to let Leng Youlan sleep with them, but she still agreed in the end. It was obvious that she did it on purpose. If she did not allow her, then Chen Xiang would be depressed for the entire night.

Youlan, dont worry, your brother will sleep with us all the time in the Academy. Xue Xianxian laughed, then pounced over to play with Leng Youlan.

The three of them rolled around on the bed, unable to avoid intimate touching between some sensitive spots. Of course, there was no relationship between Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian. It was Chen Xiang who got a fire burning within him mind. He really wanted to tear off the clothes of these two girls that were in his way.

After getting tired, the three of them laid on the bed quietly while Chen Xiang slept in the middle. The two girls on either side of him had their arms wrapped around his tiger body like jade lotuses.

Brother, when you fight with me tomorrow, remember not to show mercy. I really want to have a good fight with you. I have been expecting it since the first time I saw you. Leng Youlan rubbed her face against Chen Xiangs arm.

Dont worry, even if I show mercy, you wont win. Chen Xiang laughed. His response caused Leng Youlan to snort in dissatisfaction.

Tell me what we need to pay attention to in this Academy first. I came a few days later than you guys. Chen Xiang said. He didnt want to cause any troubles here, especially with Leng Youlan. He knew that she would definitely follow him when he got in troubles.

"No private fighting. This is the most serious discipline. No one is allowed to leave the Demon Subduing Academy during class unless he or she obtains permission. One also has to abide by some rules and regulations, such as to diligently practice martial arts and study the knowledge imparted by the teachers Thats all I remember. " Leng Youlan said.

Sister, you remember quite a bit, if it is all for you! Chen Xiang laughed.

Also, theres the matter of the Demon Subduing Stone. For example, if you complete some tasks that the academy orders, or challenge someone on the Demon Subduing rank, you will get Demon Subduing Stones! The main use of Demon Subduing Stones is to enter the Stellar Transposition Realm! " Xue Xianxian added.

Stellar Transposition Realm? What is it? Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Its said that the Stellar Transposition Realm is a strange profound realm. The time inside it is different from outside. Staying for a year inside it, you only spent one day outside. The place also has extremely dense Spirit Qi! Xue Xianxian said.