World Defying Dan God Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Life In The Academy
Chapter 509 Life in the Academy

Such a huge commotion that occurred in the martial field and in such a quiet morning would definitely be noticed, but when many people arrived, they only saw Chen Xiang and the two famous beauties of the Demon Subduing Academy leaving, which left many young and handsome males to feel jealous.

After returning to the small house, Leng Youlans injuries had already healed considerably, and her anger had also dissipated.

Big brother, I cannot accept this. If we fight again, I will definitely win! She believed that the reason why she lost was because Chen Xiang secretly attacked her mentally, making it impossible for her to guard against him. By the time she discovered him, it was already too late.

She felt that if she fought again, she would definitely be able to prevent this kind of thing from happening again, and she wouldnt lose her fighting strength because of it.

Chen Xiang laughed, my good little sister, if its a real fight, there wont be a second chance! Ive agreed to compete with you. If you still wish to fight, we can do so in a short period of time.

He didnt want to compete with Leng Youlan again. It hurt to beat her, but if he didnt do it seriously, he would make her very angry, so it would be very difficult for him to choose.

Hmph. Leng Youlan gave a charming snort. She had indeed lost. This caused her to feel extremely humiliated. Before the fight started, she was filled with confidence, but now her loss was so ugly.

Alright, Ill start passing on my skills to you. After you learn the Tai Chi Divine Technique, your strength will definitely increase greatly. Chen Xiang rubbed her head and laughed.

Of course, Leng Youlan and Bai Youyou were very happy. This was something that would benefit them, not to mention that it was Chen Xiang who was the one in charge of cultivating.

After entering the room, Chen Xiang laid down a barrier and began to conduct his cultivation in a bored manner. After a day, what caused Chen Xiang to be surprised was that Leng Youlan was actually very patient as she memorized the obscure mantra chants.

Theres a lot more. Lets continue on tonight. We need to eat something now. Chen Xiang stretched his body. This method of cultivating was very troublesome. He really wanted to be like Su Meiyao who directly used her divine sense to pass on their techniques. That way, not only would they remember the new chants, he would also be able to impart he insights to them, which allowed them to thoroughly understand it.

But that would require an extremely powerful soul to accomplish. Although Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had lost their strength, their souls were abnormally powerful, so as their divine senses.

At night, Chen Xiang and the two girls huddled together on the same bed. Chen Xiang also began to teach them the chants and mantra spell of Tai Chi Divine Technique and didnt sleep until the middle of the night.

Brother, youre a newcomer. Its best if you go find that chancellor and ask him to arrange things for you. Youve been late for such a long time, so youve left behind many things that you could have learned. Leng Youlan said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Can I go to class with you two?

No, the school is divided between men and women, so we cant be together. Xue Xianxian laughed.

The two ladies were the first to leave. Their colleges was far away on top of a tall mountain. Not only did they have to learn knowledge there, sometimes they also had to train with each other or find some demonic beasts to practice with.

Chen Xiang arrived at the location of the chancellor of the Demon Subduing Academy, which was just the tall and majestic building.

When Zhao Tao saw Chen Xiang arriving, he faintly smiled and said, you brat, youve made a name for yourself in the past two days for the entire Demon Subduing Academy. Who asked you to destroy the colosseum! Dont be complacent, this wont do you any good. There are lots of strong hidden martial masters in the academy, as well as many powerful young men. These people are all arrogant and conceited, and might even set their eyes on you.

As long as you are targeting me, tell them not to provoke me. If they make me mad, I wont bother with the rules! Chen Xiang spread out his hands and said.

Here are some books. After you finish reading them, you can go find that you kid disciple of the Big Strength Clan, then stay in the same academy as him. Zhao Tao stroked his long hair and said with a smile.

Chen Xiang received a storage bag. He knew that Zhao Tao had already investigated him thoroughly, so he didnt think much of it.

After receiving the book, Chen Xiang returned to his residence and looked at the few thick books. There were descriptions of the species, habits and a variety of martial arts of demons, as well as demonstrative graphs. The books were very detailed.

With a fast and precise memory, Chen Xiang quickly finished reading. At this time, he gained a deeper understanding of the demon realm and couldnt help but exclaim in admiration.

Sister Youyou, is the record about the devil world accurate? Chen Xiang asked.

"Yep, these are all matters of the Mortal Demon Realm. Knowing those things is useful to you, but if you can use the Three Realms Passage, you can also go and explore the Mortal Demon Realm. Although those places dont have as much Sprit Qi as that in the mortal world, there are still a lot of resources. But the demons do known how the utilize these resources; they waste them all. Bai Youyou said quietly.

Chen Xiang found out from the book that most of the creatures in the Demon Realm were born with a strong body and cultivation talent. If combined with some demonic martial techniques, they could easily become experts.

As for the Goblin World, it was a bit complicated. Many goblins were naturally unable to grow and their strength was fixed unless there was some sort of fortuitous encounter that allowed them to evolve. Goblins that could evolve were all in a noble status.

After he finished reading those books, it was already evening. Chen Xiang saw that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian panting heavily as they returned back. Their faces were full of exhaustion, and their bodies were covered in dust.

I am so tired. That bastard teacher actually made us women fight with those bears! Leng Youlan said with angry. Chen Xiang could feel her anger even from afar.

Bears? Chen Xiang asked curiously.

Those are the male students, and they are all from the intermediate academy. Each of them are tall and muscular, covered in fur like a bear. If Youlan and I were not strong enough, we would have already been taken advantages by them! Xue Xianxian was also full of anger on her face.

The Extreme Realm consisted of the Spiritual Martial Realm, Soul Martial Realm, and the Hundred Refinement Realm. Therefore, the Demon Subduing School was divided into three colleges: elementary college, intermediate college, and advanced collegey!

It was truly irritating to make the female students of the elementary college, like Xue Xianxian, compete with the male students of the intermediate college.

Chen Xiang put down the book and asked, " is the teacher a man or a woman?"

A man, hes a living human bastard. If I had the strength, I would have cut off his eggs. How dare this bastard mistreat us over and over again. Leng Youlan said angrily.

When Chen Xiang heard Leng Youlans vulgar words, he couldnt help but laugh. Ever since she was young, she had been together with her big and military father, so she definitely knew how to speak so rudely.

How about his strength? Chen Xiang was suddenly very curious. Although the teachers method would make Leng Youlan and the others very angry, it was really efficient to help them improve.

A bastard who couldnt pass the Nirvana Tribulation and is afraid of death but shrank back into the Hundred Refinement Realm. Leng Youlan scolded.