World Defying Dan God Chapter 511

Chapter 511 An Arrogant Person
Chapter 511 An Arrogant Person

Chen Xiang stood up and lightly smiled, he is from the Great Strength Clan. The martial arts of the Demon Subduing Academy are not suitable for him. So there is no use for him to stay here longer.

My name is Qian Liguang. Shall we make a friend?

Of course, Im glad to meet you! Chen Xiang faintly smiled. It would not be that boring with someone who could talk with him.

Qian Liguang sat beside Chen Xiang and chatted with him for a while. After that, Chen Xiang learned that he wasnt from the Mortal Martial Realm, but from a mortal world called the Blue Fire World, in which there was a huge sea of blue fire and a huge river filled with formidable blue flames. People who cultivated flames could strengthen themselves with the blue fire.

This broadened Chen Xiangs horizons, making him look forward to traveling in other worlds even more. Now that he knew that the Demon Subduing Academy travelled back and forth in many different worlds, at the same time, it also happened to recruit a few students from each world, such as Qian Liguang who entered the Spiritual Martial Realm and passed the exam of the Demon Subduing Academy to get recruited. However, at that time, the Demon Subduing Academy was about to head to another world, so he followed and came here.

The people in the top tens of the Demon Subduing Board have all left their own world for a long time. In order to strengthen themselves, most of them have decided not to return to their own world, but to follow the Demon Subduing Academy forever. In the future, even if they ascend into the Heaven Realm, they will most likely be grouped into the Demon Suppression God Shrine. Qian Liguang said.

Qian Liguang was a warrior at the Late Stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm. He had been in the Academy for a long time, so he knew a lot of things about this place.

Wow, you are the famous Chen Xiang, aint you? How come you hang out with a pauper from the Blue Fire World? Isnt this lowering your own status? A handsome young man with a black fan and a set of black finery embroidered with gold walked in as he mocked and ridiculed.

Qian Liguangs expression only slightly changed for a moment, but he quickly recovered. Chen Xiang did not feel anything for a moment, so he chose to ignore that man like Qian Liguang did.

Humph, as expected of someone who has the same bad taste. Only someone like Qian Liguang would hand out with Chen Xiang! The well-dressed man opened his eyes and sneered, dont think that you are formidable just by defeating a Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger, I can beat that beast to death with a single fan.

The hall was already filled with a hundred people. The others remained silent as they watched the well-dressed man making fun of Chen Xiang and Qian Liguang.

Dont go too far, I dont think Ive offended you! Chen Xiang slammed his hand on the table and stood up abruptly. With a stern look in his eyes, he said with an ice-cold voice.

Lu Xiong, be careful. If you want to cause trouble, its best if youre outside the college. At this time, all of the students stood up and saw a white-haired, hunchbacked old man slowly walking in with a cane.

This old man did not look good, but when his strict gaze swept over, every single one of the students did not even dare to breathe. That fierce aura intimidated everyone.

The well-dressed man was extremely afraid of this old man and quickly returned to his seat.

Chen Xiang knew that this hunchbacked old man was the strictest teacher that Qian Liguang had mentioned earlier. His name was Yu Baixiang, a man who had cultivated to the seventh level of Demon Subduing Force and passed the Six Nirvana Tribulations. Such a person would be able to establish his own sect and become headmaster on every continent of the Mortal Realm, but now he was teaching martial arts to a group of little guys.

Those who have trained to the second level of Demon Subduing Force, stand up! Yu Baixiang scanned over the one hundred young men with his eyes that were filled with momentum.

However, no one stood up, which shew how difficult it was to cultivate on the second level There were many warriors who had been in there for a long time, and none of them were from the Mortal Martial Realm.

Yu Baixiang grunted in disdain, then said, those who have cultivated to the first level, stand up.

There were only twenty people who stood up, including the man called Lu Xiong who previously provoked Chen Xiang. Qian Liguang, who was beside Chen Xiang, also stood up.

Its still the same! How disappointing. Yu Baixiang shook his head and continued, no matter which level you have reached, or you havent reached any one, you must listen carefully to my explanation. Dont worry, Ill start from the beginning and stop at the second level. Anyway, theres no one among you who has cultivated to the second level.

Chen Xiang now understood why Leng Youlan was always complaining about learning the Demon Fighting Force. It was because she spent most of her time listening to this boring explanation. Furthermore, it was the same every day.

Yu Baixiang stood there. After seeing everyones serious faces, he slowly said, if you want to control the Demon Subduing Force, you have to first crush you True Qi and master the circulation of it within your body. After that, you have to turn your True Qi into a power that can deal fatal damage to demons through a mental cultivation method!

"Therefore, you must first have a good flesh body! You must remember that. "

Following that, Yu Baixiang patiently explained every part of the chant and every confusing part of it repetitively. His words made Chen Xiang fall into a trance. Although he could understand it by himself, now he understood it better as there was someone guiding him and sharing his experience, leaving him a lot of benefit from it.

However, this was not the case for the others. Although their faces were full of seriousness, their eyes were filled with helplessness, because some of them had heard about it many times. The reason why they were unable to cultivate it laid on their insufficient perception, flesh body and True Qi.

The Demon Subduing Force demanded extremely high on users ability of circulating their True Qi. They must be able to condense their True Qi into threads of Qi that were even thinner than hair, then circulate them within their bodies. After that, they must circulate their True Qi according to the profound mental cultivation method, allowing it to rush out of the body. At that moment, the True Qi itself would explode waves of sounds, and the Demon Subduing Force would explode out with it.

Very quickly, half a day had passed that the lecturer explained two levels of the Demon Subduing Force. Tomorrow, the teachers would instruct the other kinds of martial arts.

After Yu Baixiang finished speaking, he left with a disappointed look in his eyes.

Brother Qian, why does he hate you so much? Chen Xiang took an eye on Lu Xiong and asked. In the meanwhile, Lu Xiong was surrounded by many people who dressed extravagantly, just like emperors.

Its because I dont want to teach him my Blue Fire Chant. The Blue Fire Chant is a powerful mental martial art that can cultivate blue fire souls, but the training conditions are very harsh. I can only cultivate by luck, and this is an exclusive art of my sect, so I cant teach it to others. Qian Liguang sighed.

Chen Xiang and Su Meiyao couldnt help but be shocked. There was actually such a martial art that allowed people to cultivate fire souls! This was indeed something that was highly sought after.

He is ranked seventy-ninth on the Demon Subduing Board, thus many people curry favor with him! Qian Liguang added.

Chen Xiang never thought that there would be a person on the Demon Subduing Board who would be in the same college as him. Furthermore, this person was from another world.

When Lu Xiong saw Chen Xiang and Qian Liguang discussing him, he felt extremely displeased. He sneered, talking about others behind their backs seems like something only a woman can do.You better be honest with your word, or dont blame me for doing something bad.

Chen Xiang coldly snorted, we didnt say the name, so even if we are talking about a dog, it has nothing to do with you! Facing this kind of self-righteous tyrants, Chen Xiang was never afraid of provoking them. The other side was overbearing and he definitely could not tolerate it.