World Defying Dan God Chapter 574

Chapter 574
Just as Chen Xiang walked out of the building and was about to return to his residence to cultivate, he was suddenly called out to by Man Futian.

"Chen Xiang, the people from the Dan Fragrance Pure Land came to find you. There seems to be something very important, it's just that that person is not willing to tell me." Before this, he had already known that Chen Xiang was the Dan Fragrance Pure Land's honorary Alchemist, his alchemy skills were top-notch, and was deeply favored by the Dan Fragrance Pure Land.

In the entire Mortal Wu Realm, Dan Fragrance Pure Land was an extremely famous existence, because there were very few sects that were based on medicines. Moreover, Leader was one of the top few, top Alchemist, so many famous Nirvana Stage s would respect this kind of Alchemist.

"Who is it?" Chen Xiang asked as he followed Man Futian.

"He said that he is the Great Clan Elder of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land." Man Futian did not dare to look down on Chen Xiang anymore. For a Great Clan Elder to come personally to look for him, it could be seen that Chen Xiang's status in the Dan Fragrance Pure Land was not low.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang saw the Great Clan Elder, he was a tall and sturdy old man dressed in a black robe, with thick white eyebrows and flowing white hair.

"Chen Xiang, I am the Great Clan Elder of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, Yun Yan." The old man's voice was old and vigorous, full of power.

"Yes, I have heard from Leader Hua about Senior's deeds, may I ask Senior if there is anything I can help you with?" Chen Xiang bowed and said.

Although Yun Yan looked old, he was actually younger than Gu Dongchen. Furthermore, he had also transcended the Eight Tribulations, and was a terrifying Ranker hiding in the Dan Fragrance Pure Land. Many people only thought that the strongest person in the Dan Fragrance Pure Land was Hua Xiangyue, but that was not the case.

Even Man Futian, who came down from the Heaven Realm, had to be wary of Yun Yan, because the aura from this sturdy old man made him feel pressured.

"Someone has come to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land to stir trouble. This is a little brat, he said that he is from the Sacred Dan Realm, and he has already consecutively defeated ten of our Dan Fragrance Pure Land's young Alchemist s!"

Chen Xiang's heart trembled, Man Futian was also extremely surprised, to think that someone from the Sacred Dan Realm would come to the Mortal Wu Realm, it was a very rare occurrence.

"You are the Dan Fragrance Pure Land's honorary Alchemist, your duty is to protect the honor of the Dan Fragrance Pure Land, the Leader asked me to come find you." When Yun Yan mentioned this matter, his face was actually filled with rage, "This kid from the Sacred Dan Realm is very arrogant, and his pill refining skills are great as well. Furthermore, as long as he wins against others, he will cripple them!"

"What a ruthless fellow. I'm going to meet him. Did he come alone?" Chen Xiang frowned and asked.

"No, there's a very strong person by his side!"

Chen Xiang followed Yun Yan and left the Devil-subduing College. When he found out that someone was coming to the Mortal Realm, he had to notify the Holy Son immediately.

When Chen Xiang followed Yun Yan, and they arrived at the competition grounds, he heard a blood-curdling scream, Yun Yan immediately flew into the crowd, Chen Xiang followed closely behind, all he saw was that Yun Yan was holding onto a dying man who was vomiting blood.

Seeing this, Chen Xiang anxiously took out two boxes of White jade powder s, shook two jade boxes, and let the medicine inside be scattered all over the air. Then, with a wave of his sleeve, he released a scorching hot mysterious energy that wrapped around the two boxes of s, and then condensed the medicine powder together.

"Let him eat it." Chen Xiang gave Yun Yan a pill that was emitting a white light and the medicine fragrance that was pervading in the air made everyone feel refreshed.

At this time, Chen Xiang noticed that not far away, there was a handsome man wearing luxurious clothing with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. He was looking at Chen Xiang with a strange gaze.

"You are Chen Xiang." The man stared at Chen Xiang as if he was looking for prey, afraid that Chen Xiang would run away.

Beside the man, there was a expressionless middle-aged man who was emitting an oppressive aura. He was actually a warrior from Nirvana Stage.

"That's right, who are you?" Chen Xiang's face was filled with anger.

"My name is Fan Yakun, and I came from Sacred Dan Realm. Coincidentally, I came to this Mortal Wu Realm, and found this place that is based on pills, and challenged a dozen or so guys. However, they are too lacking." The man smiled faintly.

"Don't be angry. If I lose the pill refinement, I will also be crippled by them. This was agreed upon when we competed. This is too much of a grudge, but if I were to compete with you, then it would be of no value!"

When Fan Yakun revealed that move just now, he knew that Chen Xiang was not simple. He believed that people of that level were rare even in the Sacred Dan Realm.

Fan Yakun was from Sacred Dan Realm, so Chen Xiang naturally wanted to compete with this Alchemist from the mysterious world. If he won, he might even be able to obtain some benefits.

"Three days later, if you're interested, come here and have a duel. I'm not in my best condition today, so I'll skip it today." Fan Yakun was obviously very careful, he did not look down on Chen Xiang at all.

He did not care whether Chen Xiang agreed or not, and then turned and left.

"The fellow from the Sacred Dan Realm is different, he could tell that you possess a decent Fire Soul with a single glance, and your pill refining skills are different from the others. That's why he chose to be cautious. I can guarantee that during these three days, he will definitely use it to adjust his condition, and as expected, Sacred Dan Realm is indeed a world that is very focused on pills. This person might just be a bit arrogant, but he's still a good person, so if you can befriend him, then you might be able to do a lot of things to the Sacred Dan Realm. "" Alright! Su Meiyao said.

"We'll talk about it in three days!"

Chen Xiang followed Yun Yan to the Dan Fragrance Pure Land. Once inside, he was called into the forbidden grounds by Hua Xiangyue.

Upon entering, he saw Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue reading a book, which was the Devil Subduing Method. They were learning this powerful martial art, because it would make it much easier for them to deal with the demon.

Seeing Chen Xiang coming over, Hua Xiangyue, who was wearing a purple cheongsam, quickly flew up and respectfully saluted in front of Chen Xiang: "Master, this servant pays her respects to you!"

With that, she giggled, causing Chen Xiang to smack her head: "How could a servant dare to laugh so heartlessly in front of Master!"

Hua Xiangyue looked noble and charming, and didn't look like a maid at all. However, she had indeed signed the agreement with Chen Xiang on a Master-servant Contract, and if Chen Xiang died, she would also die with him.

Liu Meng'er scoffed, "Stop messing around, the guy from Sacred Dan Realm is not simple. I don't know what his goal is, but have you seen him before?!"

"Yes, I've seen him. He's not simple at all. He arranged for me to compete in pill refining three days later." Chen Xiang said as he walked to Liu Meng'er's side and hugged her from behind, and kissed her on her cheek.

With Hua Xiangyue watching them from the sidelines, Liu Meng'er felt embarrassed and struggled out of Chen Xiang's embrace with a red face.

"If it wasn't for me wanting to give the old master a chance to shine, I would have definitely gone out and secretly instructed that lad to scram while my pill forging skills are still intact." Hua Xiangyue pulled Chen Xiang's arm, and blinked a pair of enchanting eyes, and stared at Chen Xiang.