Worlds’ Apocalypse Online Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Under Pursuit

The 900 million World Layers.

The Fallen Zones.

Every world had fallen to ruin.

An Abyssal Behemoth was climbing upwards through these worlds.

Its body was gigantic, from the perspective of these worlds, all they could see was a giant foot that heavily stepped onto them before swiftly moving onto the next as the ground crumbled and collapsed.

This Abyssal Behemoth was moving at an incredibly quick pace and soon made t way across half the Fallen Zones on the way towards the Strife Zones.

Occasionally, it would also pause between some worlds.

Just like now.


A male and female voice resounded at the same time, muttering: I’ve clearly killed every carrier of [Order] there is, why do I sense the vitality fluctuations of a sentient being in this world?

The streak of light flew across the sky and fell into a certain place in this world.

A humanoid body, a half-man, half-woman face.

The Soul Shrieker.

It swiftly made its way into the ruins of this civilization, walking across the destroyed path deep into the ruins.

Until it reached a thick metal gate that blocked its way.

As the Soul Shrieker reached its hand out and was about to blow this gate open

It seemed to have thought of something and instead pushed its fingers into the gate, grabbed tightly, then forcefully pulled the gate outwards.


The gate was pulled off its hinged, crushed, and was thrown behind.

The Soul Shrieker stood and looked inside.

A young human female was cradling a baby in her embrace, staring at the Soul Shrieker with an expression of despair.

“I beg you, please spare my baby, he’s still too young” the female sobbed and begged.

The Soul Shrieker silently walked forward and looked down on the female as well as her child.

Answer me

It spoke with its male voice: I remember the people of this world were all carriers of the [Demon King Order], so why do you and your descendant not have the smell of [Order]?

The female answered: “Because I’m afflicted with an incurable disease and would not live for long, and my child was only born today”

No wonder the Soul Shrieker’s male voice went again, replaced by the female one: The [Demon King Order] doesn’t care about lives that have no value

The Soul Shrieker walked forward and stretched out its hand.

“Spare me, no——- I’m willing to die, but please spare my baby” sensing death approaching her, the female embraced her child tightly and cried out loud.

The Soul Shrieker reached out its finger and pressed its razor-sharp nail on the female’s forehead.

Blood swiftly began to flow from the point of contact.

The Soul Shrieker’s female voice spoke:

Don’t worry, I won’t kill you

The female looked up, staring blankly at the Soul Shrieker, unable to understand what the other party was saying.

The Soul Shrieker looked down at her as its female voice became more gentle

You are one abandoned by [Order], your child is one unaccounted for by [Order]. The two of you fulfill my condition, and thus you shall become the seeds of [Chaos]

The female continued to hold the baby tightly in her chest and hesitantly asked: “You—- are willing to spare us?”

The Soul Shrieker replied: Indeed, but as the price, you will come with me to the Strife Zones. The two of you shall become hidden pawns that I place in certain worlds, silently accumulating power for the decisive battle to come in the future. Try and become stronger

Following its words, the female suddenly felt its sharp nail piercing deeply into her forehead.

Before falling unconscious, she seemed to notice a transparent UI appearing in front of her vision.


The female collapsed on the ground.

The Soul Shrieker stood still, silently staring at the unconscious female lifeform and the child in her chest.

It lightly twitched its finger.


The ruins fell and collapsed; the sky was gradually becoming dim.

The female and her child slowly floated up and flew away far into the sky.

———towards where the Abyssal Behemoth had stopped.

The Soul Shrieker stared at the gloomy greyish sky, all the way until after the female and her child had vanished through the thick layers of clouds.

Its expression turned a bit serious and stood still without moving.

“You chose a weak human female and her child in order to carry [Chaos], for what reason did you do such a thing?”

A voice sounded from behind the Soul Shrieker.

Because they were not chosen by [Order] the Soul Shrieker replied.

“No, that is definitely not what you think at all”

The voice refuted it.

The Soul Shrieker slowly turned around to face the other party.

A young man wearing a pair of black sunglasses was looking at it with a casual smile on his face.

The Soul Shrieker thought briefly, bowed down, and responded with its male voice: The Abyssal King, the Exiled Apostle, the Peerless Fallen One, Greatest Above the Star Crown, Great Lord of Infinite Origin, this humble one did not think such a small matter would trouble you personally, this humble one is honored

The young man was still smiling, but his tone had changed slightly.

“You think my titles are something for you to recite? Since when did you dare to not answer my question?”

The Soul Shrieker responded with a sharp female voice: I will answer your question——- it is because that female and her child have both carried [Chaos]. Through my help, they will surely grow, and one day, I will have them face off against one another

“And then what?”

The one who survives will surely obtain a unique [Chaos] title

“Hm, that explanation sounds like what [Chaos] would do indeed, I’ll buy it for now”

The Soul Shrieker slightly bowed: As I have answered your question, I will go ahead and leave

The young man spoke: “Wait a minute, there is something else”


“The struggle of the parallel world and the Apocalypse has already begun. At a time like this, there is no need for you to mess with [Order]”

Your Excellency I spent untold amounts of time, just to permanently seal [Order] away, and yet at this moment, you wish for me to stop?

“That’s right. If you permanently seal [Order] right now, [Chaos] will surely sweep through the infinite worlds and destroy everything”

But surely you understand, there is hope for those who carry [Chaos] to begin the era of [Chaos]?

The young man rubbed his forehead a bit and scowled: “And I also know that I don’t want to see the birth of the era of [Chaos]. Such a world without any rules is truly uninteresting”

Your Excellency, you are siding with [Order]?

“No, I just don’t hope that your struggle will come to a conclusion at this point in time”

So you have decided to stop me, to stand against [Chaos]?

The young man shivered a bit, then laughed: “Who would’ve thought, that pitiful existence that prostrated at my feet begging for survival now dares to speak to me with that kind of tone”

That is all in the past the Soul Shrieker replied.

Countless mysterious runes suddenly manifested around its body, drifting like morning mist before gradually scattering from its body into the void of space.

Your Excellency, you seemed to have been exiled for too long, now you’re even trying to interfere with the matter between [Order] and [Chaos]

As it spoke, the Soul Shrieker’s presence abruptly shot up.

The male and female voice roared at the same time in fury: I represent the boundless [Chaos], nearing my goal of squashing [Order]. Regardless of who it is, if they stand in my way, they will be irreconcilable enemies of [Chaos]!

Sensing the overwhelming presence it gave off, the young man’s expression turned serious.

He muttered: “So that’s what happened. You’ve inherited all the [Chaos] from the Inner Plane, and this avatar is actually your true self, no wonder you dared”


The Soul Shrieker took one step forward.

Endless, overwhelming darkness expanded to fill this entire world.

“The will of [Chaos]”

The young man no longer had a smile on his face as he looked at the void of space.

The Soul Shrieker continued to walk towards the young man, its killing intent overwhelming everything else.

My main body as well as every [Chaos] that exist are right here the Soul Shrieker pointed at its enemy and shouted: And you are nothing but the weakest soul avatar, how dare you stop my actions

The crown of the Abyss will be broken in the near future, and even a powerful existence as yourself will have no choice but to wither in front of [Chaos]!

At another location.

The Strife Zones.

A certain world.

Endless black flames burned all the monsters to ash.

The black scythe that gave off this intense air of darkness was recalled, caught by a pearly white hand.

The owner of the hand was the Saintess of Death, a girl with crimson red hair and a beautiful appearance.

She looked up at the sky and shouted: “Who else dare come to seek death!?”

Layers upon layers of black flames suddenly shot up from the ground, preparing to attack the sky above.

The remaining monsters hurriedly turned and ran, escaping to the air.

They fled.

Seeing that, Anna let go of her grip.

The black scythe swiftly vanished.

She turned around to Su Xue Er and spoke: “Right now we should—— hm? Why is your complexion so pale?”

In her eyes, Su Xue Er’s smooth forehead was covered in a layer of cold sweat, staring blankly at a Card in her hand.

——-this was the [Predictor of Fate] Card within the King of Fate Card deck.

The face of the Card depicted a tombstone.

Around it, there was nothing but graves.

“Get away from me, Anna” Su Xue Er said.

“Why?” Anna asked.

“I don’t need your protection” Su Xue Er replied.

“Take a look again at yourself, you’re obviously in a state of power metamorphosis, you surely need someone to protect you in that weakened state” Anna refuted.

“I’ll be fine by myself, but if you keep going with me, both you and I will be heading to death” Su Xue Er replied.

Anna was shaken.

Seemingly thinking everything through, Su Xue Er reached her hand out to touch Anna’s face: “The [Predictor of Fate] wouldn’t be wrong, I truly will die this time around. Leave now, live for me, then help me tell him——”


Anna slapped her hand away, then grabbed the Card.

“Do you really believe this?”

She pointed at the graves in the Card and sternly asked.

“Of course I do, there is no escaping from Fate” Su Xue Er sighed helplessly.

“I ask you again, where did this Card come from?” Anna went right up to her face and asked.

“It was a Card I exchanged for with Gu Qing Shan—— I’m sure I’ve already told you about this”

“Then tell me again, what appeared on the Card back then? And why did you exchange it?”

“Because this Card said that Qing Shan would become demonized and die——-”

Anna grabbed Su Xue Er’s neck and loudly questioned her: “And you believed that Fate, right? Then tell me which one of you actually died!?”

Su Xue Er froze.

That’s true, neither of us is dead.

Although we indeed carried the [Demon King Order], both of us were fine in the end.

The battle between the 900 million World Layers and the [Demon King Order] ended with the 900 million World Layers’ victory.

“Hmph!” Anna released her grip and scoffed: “If you keep being so soft and weak like this, you won’t even be qualified to stand by Qing Shan’s side”

“Why wouldn’t I be qualified?”

“Because I have never seen him succumb or surrender to Fate” Anna muttered in response.