Zenith's Tower Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Magma Demon (2)


Lyre launched a massive ball of purple fire at the monster's hand as it was crushing Belial into the ground. The Magma Demon stumbled back from the sheer explosiveness of the attack but remained unharmed. As the monster's hand lifted from the ground it gave Ellis just enough time to sprint into the crater left by the giant hand and pick Belial up before he ran to safety. Lyre covered Ellis's rescue by engulfing the monster in her purple fire but all it did was obscure the monster's view, not harming it in any way.

The giant white wolf charged at the monster, baring its teeth.

"Luna, no!"

Cora desperately shouted to get her pet to stop charging at the monster.

It was too late. The monster backhanded the white wolf sending it flying and tumbling across the ground like a huge sack of potatoes.


Cora screamed in horror as she ran after Luna. When she finally reached Luna, she could see that she had long deep cuts ripped open by the monster's talons. Blood pooled around the monster as Cora poured the last of her health potion over the wolf's wounds. The wolf howled in pain as its injuries closed before it stood back up in mostly decent shape. Ellis laid Belial onto the field a safe distance away from the monster.

"Shit! This monster is leagues above anything else that's come out of the tower."

Ellis whispered as he looked around at the state of his impromptu team.

This can't be it; this thing is going to destroy the entire city by itself if we can't stop it.

Ellis punched the ground in frustration before the sound of Belial's battered voice brought him back to his sense.

"I knew you weren't completely useless."

Belial groaned, coughing up blood before he slowly reached into his hoodie's pocket. He pulled out a tiny vial of potion and guzzled it down before he closed his eyes again. Even with the high tier potion, he was still going to need some time to recover. It was surprising that he was even alive right now. His body was covered in deep wounds and his arm was broken, but he wasn't burned too badly which surprised Ellis. The guy had practically been covered in lava and only had a few minor burns on him to show for it. It was going to be a hard fight until he recovered though because he was the strongest person in the group.

During the waves of fighting without using his lighting, Ellis had recovered a portion of his anima. It wasn't much but he should be able to help out and fight without getting too close to the monster. Right now, the monster was being kept busy by Cora, Lyre, and Kieran. All they could do was keep the monster at bay, but they still had no way to actually hurt it.

"Hurry up and get better."

Ellis said to Belial as he lightly patted him on the chest and got up.

"We're gonna need you."

Kieran was swinging his sword at the monster's feet dodging its attacks and Cora was aiming her last intact arrow that she had gotten off a corpse at the monster's head waiting for a chance to let it loose knowing full well that it wouldn't do anything. Lyre shot fireball after fireball at the monster, but it wasn't hurting the monster at all.

"It's made of fire! My attacks won't do anything to it; we're going have to figure out some other way to attack it!"

Lyre yelled out in frustration.

We're the only ones who can use long-range anima attacks, everyone else can only distract the monster because if they get too close, they'll eventually slip up and get hurt. I have to think of another way to attack this thing.

The gears in Ellis's brain turned in thought. They had to wait until it was vulnerable enough. They had to find a weakness somehow.

This thing is burning hot and it must be made entirely from lava. Its skin looks like cooled lava. So, what weakness does lava have?

An idea popped into Ellis's head.

That could work but it'll be risky.

He thought to himself as he smirked.

"I have a plan! It's dangerous but it just might work."

Ellis ran to the center of the field and gathered everyone to quickly tell them the plan. They looked at each other unsure of how Ellis's plan would go, but they had no other choice at this point. They scattered into different parts of the field surrounding the Magma Demon.


Ellis yelled out and Kieran charged toward the monster and swung his sword at the monster's foot. The monster tried to bring his hand down on top of Kieran, but he dove out of the way and the attack narrowly missed him, creating a giant hole in the ground where he had just been standing. Right when the monster's hand hit the ground, Luna jumped up and climbed up the monster's arm. The wolf, being a monster itself had higher resistance to the heat that the Magma Demon emitted, but its paws still burned as it ran up the monster arm to its shoulder. The Magma demon lifted its hand from the ground as it used its other hand to try and swat the thing running around its body. Luna quickly jumped off the monster right before monster slammed its hand into its own shoulder. Lyre then flew straight up to the monster's mouth and hurled a massive fireball at its head knocking the monster off balance, irritating it further. The monster opened its mouth and roared in anger.

Using most of the anima he had recovered, Ellis shot a lightning bolt into the monster's open roaring mouth.


As the lightning entered the monster's mouth it exploded when it came in contact with the lava inside of the monster sending molten rock spewing from the Magma Demons mouth. A crack had also formed on the top of the monster's head and lava leaked out slowly.

It wasn't enough.

The monster roared in anger once more as it flung its fist at Lyre, sending her plummeting towards the ground. Ellis sprinted forward and caught her before she hit the ground. She was burned practically everywhere on her body and wasn't in good shape. Ellis slowly put her head on the ground and dashed over to Kieran. He had to widen that crack before the lava cooled down and closed the demon's wound.

"Throw me!"

Ellis yelled at Kieran as he ran toward him. The monster bent down and swiped its claws at Ellis and Kieran in fury.

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Kieran yelled back in confusion.

"Throw me, now!"

Ellis shouted again as he jumped at Kieran. Quickly, Kieran clasped both his hands together and caught Ellis's foot before he directed his momentum upward. Kieran used as much strength as he could muster and launched Ellis into the air toward the demon's head. Ellis flew through the air with his halberd pointed outward as he set his sights on the crack that was slowly closing shut. He lined up his weapon with the crack and drove it deep into the monster head before he poured every last drop of his anima into the halberd, using it as a catalyst to direct his lighting straight into the monster's head.


Lava spurted out from the monster's head as the crack grew in size and splintered off in other directions. It still wasn't enough; the monster was wounded now as lava dripped from cracks all over its head. Ellis's eyes blinked as his vision slowly began to fade away and he plummeted down from the monster's head. He saw the monster's giant fiery fist heading for him and closed his eyes.

This is it. This is the end.

He waited nothing. Ellis opened his eyes again to see he was being set down on the ground. He faintly saw a figure jump onto the monster's head and plunge the halberd deeper into the monster's head. A bright burst of orange swallowed up his vision before his eyes went dark.