Zombie Sister Strategy Chapter 664

Chapter 664 The Missed Message

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Two days later, Lin Qiao came out of her space in the afternoon and found Li Zheng and his team members one after another by their scents, then brought them into her space.

“Sky Fire Base, Hidden Cloud City Base, and Green Mountain Base have secretly bargained with Huaxia Base. The price was lowered by thirty percent,” Li Zheng held a small notebook as he told everything to Lin Qiao while sorting the message recorded on it.

Lin Qiao was sitting on a couch, elbows resting on her knees and fingers crossed to support her chin. She responded blandly, “And Huaxia Base said yes? I guess it’s because Lin Kui has run away.”

Li Zheng glanced at Lin Kui who was quietly leaning against the wall in a corner, then continued, “Sea City Base had bargained as well. However, Chief Wu only purchased a small amount of drug.”

Lin Qiao nodded and said, “Which people have left already? Have you managed to find any information about Green Mountain Base?”

“The people from Mongols Base and Heilong Base finished the trade and left this morning. Heilong Base purchased fifty doses of drug number three, and two-hundred doses of drug number two. Huaxia Base gave them some drug number one on the house,” Li Zheng paused briefly and then carried on, “Mongols Base seemed to be short of supplies, so they didn’t purchase drug number three, and only purchased fifty doses of drug number two.”

Lin Qiao scratched her chin and asked, “How many doses have Hidden Cloud City Base and Sky Fire Base get?”

Li Zheng turned the page and read his note, then answered the question, “Hidden Cloud City Base got a hundred doses of drug number three and three-hundred doses of drug number two. Sky Fire Base got almost the same number of doses as Heilong Base.”

“I’m surprised that Huaxia Base people have made so many doses with your blood. Based on those numbers, they could have made a whole province zombie-free if they drained your blood and made it all into drugs,” Lin Qiao glanced at Lin Kui and said.

Lin Kui had his arms crossed before his chest. Hearing Lin Qiao’s words, he glanced at her while his eyes glowed dimly.

The current drugs were only effective on the zombies at or under level-three, but could barely affect the zombies above level-three. If Huaxia Base people kept studying Lin Kui’s blood and tried to develop better drugs, they might be able to achieve a considerable result.

“When will Hidden Cloud City Base people leave?” Lin Qiao asked.

“Tonight,” Li Zheng responded. He paused briefly to think and then continued, “There is a level-eight man among them. Will our chance of winning be very low?”

Lin Qiao smiled, “Didn’t you see those people under his command? None of his subordinates is above level-six. So, we don’t need to worry. Even if I can’t kill Lu Zhuofeng, I can at least suppress him. Besides, we are not too weak.”

Lin Qiao looked at Lin Kui while speaking. There was another level-seven zombie on her side. She didn’t need to worry about Lu Zhuofeng at all.

She didn’t plan to let him go back home safely.

Li Zheng didn’t say anything else.

In Huaxia Base, Lan Lu was in his room, looking at a dose of drug.

“Do you think this drug contains anything that can make human beings immune to the zombie virus?” He asked.

“You can study it and find out,” Lei Cheng said.

“I’m not asking you,” Lan Lu gave him a sideways glance.

‘Don’t say it then,’ Lei Cheng complained silently.

“We don’t have a lot of them. Don’t waste any!” He glared at Lan Lu and said.

He tended to be like a machine every time he started studying something. He would forget about the amount of materials that he had and the time. Every single time, he would stop and turn back normal only when he ran out of materials.

“Didn’t we trade for some more with those hostages? I think we have a lot of them,” Lan Lu glanced at him confusedly.

“Once you start studying, you’ll become wasteful,” Lei Cheng glanced at him expressionlessly.

The drug that they purchased this time was, of course, not for killing zombies. Instead, it was for study.

“When we get back, we need to figure out a way to upgrade Daba. He’s been stuck at level-six the whole time. He can’t stay like that. But, it’s difficult for spirit-powered zombies to upgrade!” Lan Lu was already talking about another thing.

They had a few level-six zombies in their base, but all of them were stuck at that level. On one hand, they couldn’t find level-six zombie nuclei, and on the other hand, those zombies were only able to absorb the zombie nuclei with different powers at a very low rate. They hadn’t figured out the reason yet.

They had tried many times, but never managed to upgrade any of those zombies to level-six.

“Even spirit-powered people are rare, not to mention spirit-powered zombies. But, there are so many zombies in the world. We’ll find some sooner or later. However, level-six spirit-powered zombies can be really hard to find,” said Lei Cheng.

The chance for a zombie to trigger spirit power was very, very low. Most of the zombies weren’t intelligent. Only one in ten-thousand of them could become smart, not to mention possessing spirit power.

“High-leveled, smart zombies are very sneaky. It’s really hard to find them,” Lan Lu nodded and said.

The smarter a zombie was, the more sensitive it could be to dangers. So, it would hide very well. To find it, one needed to spend a great effort.

At that moment, someone abruptly knocked on the door. Zheng Hao came in and closed the door, then walked to the others while holding a piece of paper.

“Something happened,” he said.

Both Lan Lu and Lei Cheng turned to look at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Some powerful beings seem to have shown up in South China. I think the new base and Sea City Base are going to suffer. Look!” While speaking, Zheng Hao handed the paper to the two.

“Has Wu Chengyue known about this yet?” After reading the message, Lan Lu wore a serious look.

“He has, of course. The message was delivered by his people, along with his supplies. He has left the base with his people,” Zheng Hao nodded.

At that point, Wu Chengyue had sent Xiao Licheng and the others back to Sea City Base. Many people saw them leave. However, he himself stayed in Huaxia Base, waiting.

Li Zheng stopped collecting information when people finished their deals with Huaxia Base. Therefore, he didn’t receive the new, secret message from Sea City Base—All Being Base had been surrounded.

The message was delivered right when Lin Qiao brought Li Zheng and his people back into her base. When she was listening to Li Zheng’s report, Wu Chengyue was already waiting for her outside.

Xiao Licheng and the others were stopped by a zombie not long after they left Huaxia Base.

That was a level-four, wind-powered zombie. It quietly stood on the middle of the way without making any moves.

“There’s a zombie before us,” Xiao Licheng looked at the zombie which was at about ten meters away and found that it looked a little familiar.

It was because of the zombie’s clothes. The zombie was wearing a clean camouflage suit. He often saw zombies in that kind of suits in the new base in Upper City Base.